Tommy Tanous will likely replace Paul DePodesta as head of player development

BaronOn Tuesday, it was announced Paul DePodesta, the Mets head of player development, was leaving to run the Cleveland Browns in the National Football League.

That left a huge void on the minor league side of the Mets organization, as DePodesta led the re-organization of the Mets minor league, player development and scouting system.

Fortunately, DePodesta has been surrounded by some very smart and experienced people who assisted in their re-organization, including Tommy Tanous, Adam Fisher, Ian Levin, Dicky Scott, and more.

And the Mets appear inclined to promote DePodesta’s replacement from within.

John Harper of the Daily News says the Mets are likely to promote Tanous, their current scouting director, to the head of player development and amateur scouting.

Tanous joined the Mets in 2010 as a scout, and was promoted to scouting director after Chad MacDonald departed the organization in 2011. He has overseen the last four drafts along with DePodesta.

This is probably the most logical move the Mets can make, and certainly going with someone in-house who knows the system that’s in place and the people involved in that system is wise as well.

Tanous has spent his time in the organization essentially being the eyes and ears to DePodesta and the rest of the front office from an amateur talent perspective. He has always been at DePodesta’s side at the various amateur showcases, and obviously spends the bulk of his time scouting around the country looking at all kinds of players throughout the year, playing a key role in the decision making process in their draft strategy.