Notes: Mets have not had substantial discussions regarding their outfield and bullpen options

John Ricco

BaronThe Mets continue to wait for a resolution in their pursuit of Ben Zobrist. He is reportedly could decide on his new teamas soon as Tuesday night.

Here are some notes and updates regarding the Mets from assistant GM John Ricco’s talk with reporters on Tuesday:

  • The Mets met again with Zobrist’s agents from Octagon Baseball, and chatted about both Zobrist and their other clients.
  • The club has not made a final offer to Zobrist, but both sides understand the parameters for a potential deal and will negotiate further if needed.
  • The Mets are still trying to gauge price points for their relief pitching targets on the free agent market. There have not been any substantial talks for relievers.
  • The Mets are not concerned that the relief market has begun to move, and feel confident they will be able to effectively fill their needs in the bullpen.
  • The same can be said about their outfield targets – the club has only begun to gauge prices and interest in potential fits.
  • Ricco said both of their fronts in the outfield and bullpen could move to the point that they are able to find those solutions by the end of the Winter Meetings.

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