Sandy Alderson named Baseball America’s Executive of the Year

Sandy Alderson


Mets GM Sandy Alderson was hired in November, 2010, and has been challenged with having to reduce payroll, rebuild a barren farm system, and change both the culture and the reputation of a franchise which was floundering through financial crisis and two embarrassing collapses in 2007 and 2008.

Alderson successfully laid out a plan to create a flexible roster, long-term cost certainty, re-create the farm system and develop a strong pipeline of talent to the big league level, all of which came together in 2015 as the club finished with a 90-72 record to win their first National League East title since 2006, and win their first National League Pennant since 2000.

It was his first winning season at the big league level since taking over as the club’s GM before the 2011 season.

For his efforts, Alderson has been named the 2015 Executive of the Year by Baseball America.

The Mets are 394-416 in five seasons under Sandy Alderson.

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