Mailbag: Could the Mets sign Tony Sipp for their bullpen?

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BaronMarc C.: I think Tony Sipp would be an excellent addition to the Mets bullpen.  What would it take to happen?  Is it a good idea?

Sipp, 31, had an outstanding year for the Astros. And with the Mets lacking any kind of reliable left-handed relief specialist, one might think Sipp is an excellent fit for the Mets. He posted an ERA+ of 203, went 3-4 with a 1.99 ERA in 60 relief appearances while allowing only 41 hits, 15 walks and five home runs with 62 strikeouts in 54 1/3 innings for Houston in 2015. He was also outstanding in the postseason against the Yankees and Royals, allowing only one hit with two walks and five strikeouts in 5 1/3 innings over six playoff games.

But if the Mets are looking strictly for a left-handed relief specialist, Sipp may not necessarily be their guy.

He had reverse splits in 2015, and while left-handed hitters posted a moderately lower OPS against him than right-handed hitters did (.613 vs. .599), left-handed hitters hit nearly 40 points higher against him than right-handed hitters (.190 vs. .227).

That trend is in-line with his career numbers as well.

emailThat’s not to say Sipp wouldn’t be a good fit for the Mets bullpen. His career marks against left-handed hitters is .213/.293/.387, which is better than anything they have in-house right now. He could certainly be a very effective cross-over left-handed reliever as well, which could help Terry Collins save his bullpen rather than use a guy like Sipp for one batter only.

But if the Mets really want a specialized left-handed reliever, they may be better suited to re-sign Jerry Blevins, who is a better left-handed specialist than Sipp is. Blevins may come cheaper and with less of a commitment than Sipp thanks to his injury-plagued year in which he required surgery to repair his broken left arm.


It almost sounds like you’re saying that Sipp might not be ideal because he is too effective against RH hitters. That he’d be a better signing if LH hitters had an OPS against him of 599 but RH hitters had an OPS of 950.


Sign Both Blevins and Sipp/Bastardo


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