Mets have expressed interest in Denard Span


The Mets are seeking a left-handed hitting centerfielder who could complement Juan Lagares.

And one player the Mets have expressed interest in is free agent OF Denard Span, according to Matt Ehalt of the Bergen Record.

Span missed a lot of time in 2015 due to a bad back. And his absence cost the Nationals dearly too – they were 36-25 when he played, 47-54 when he did not play.

He underwent season-ending hip surgery in late August, but that could mean Span might sign an under-market deal, and try to rebuild some of his value for another run through free agency.

A left-handed hitter, Span is a catalyst for the top of the lineup. He doesn’t draw a lot of walks, but he makes contact, has first-to-third speed, and when he’s healthy, can be counted on for 200-plus total bases thanks to his ability to take advantage of big ballparks with his triples speed.

Acquiring Span would go a long way towards improving the team’s on-base percentage, and it would allow Curtis Granderson to be moved towards the middle of the lineup as well where his power could be much more valuable.

Certainly, someone like Span doesn’t account for the power lost from Cespedes’, but he provides a different kind of production with his speed, ability to create run scoring opportunities with his speed and ability to make contact. That can only help the swing-and-miss bats in David Wright and Lucas Duda see more strikes and get more fastballs to hit.

Denard Span StatsWhile it was a small sample, Span mashed right-handed pitching in 2015 – he hit .335/.393/.486 with 90 total bases in 56 games. He was mostly ineffective against left-handed pitching, however, posting a .197/.279/.262 line with 16 total bases against southpaws. But neither are in-line with his career marks, as he’s historically been an effective hitter against left-handers, posting a .274/.351/.365 line and a more modest but still impressive .293/.353/.407 mark against right-handers.

He’s a little older now, and his back and hip issues could create some red flags for teams like the Mets who need his type of presence at the top of the lineup. His defense has also regressed in the last two years, and it’s unclear if that will improve as he enters his age-32 season in 2016, especially after hip labrum surgery. And there’s a legitimate question as to whether or not Span will be ready for spring training and Opening Day, and how much this hip injury might ultimately diminish the 32-year-old’s primary skill sets.

But if he’s healthy, Span is a proven commodity for the top of any lineup, and his historical marks against both right-handers and left-handers could prove to be a tremendous insurance policy for Juan Lagares who, in fairness, the jury is still out on.


I fel that the Mets need speed in .
the worst way…even before reading the article, I said to myself, “great Granderson can move down the order where he belongs” I feel that Span is a more conventional leadoff hitter


“If he is healthy”. Too many questions to take the risks What,s the hurry to move Granderson from leadoff. He had a great year and was the team’s MVP. If we were talking about someone like Cespedes that would be another subject. We need an offensive bat in the middle of the order, not Granderson.


It’s an extremely low risk with huge upside. No draft pick lost, coming off an injury so he won’t be expensive and demand more than two years, probably one. The savings from this CF can be put toward Zobrist or maybe even Murphy and a relief pitcher. Must consider how much his absence affected the Nats. Very little to lose here.


Maybe with a one year deal. Agree that Zobrist comes first. Still doesn’t add enough offense. Conforto will improve his offense and Granderson proved his worth. Would be great to find someone with more offense in CF but money won’t be there.


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Here we are, once again, considering acquiring a player of questionable health. Granted, Denard Span has been a good to excellent player in the past and, can be once again, if his medical procedure has been a success. He would be a perfect top of the lineup batter for us, complimenting the right handed Juan Lagares. However, with Span’s questionable health status, I feel Jackie Bradley Jr. would be a more viable candidate.


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