Terry Collins finishes in third place in the NL Manager of the Year voting

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BaronTerry Collins won 90 games with the Mets during the regular season in 2015, his fifth season as Mets manager, and won the franchise’s fifth National League pennant in it’s 54-year history.

The Mets manager kept his club afloat in a first half mired by injury, underperformance and a severely fragmented roster, only hoping the likes of David Wright, Travis d’Arnaud, Jerry Blevins could get healthy, and Michael Cuddyer, Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, and Juan Lagares could find the consistency they originally depended on heading into the season.

Unfortunately, his efforts were not enough to win the National League Manager of the Year Award.

Instead, the BBWAA voted Cubs Manager Joe Maddon the NL’s Manager of the Year in 2015.

Collins finished behind Maddon and Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny. He received only three first place votes.

There’s certainly no shame in the results, although it would’ve been really nice for Collins to receive the ultimate recognition for a magnificient job in 2015. He battled through so much adversity, potentially more than the other two managers did combined. He – like Maddon – certainly exceeded expectations with his club, and he did such an outstanding job to shield his club from external distractions and negativity in a very difficult market to succeed in. He should be congratulated despite the disappointing finish these standings.

In five seasons at the helm of the Mets, Collins has a 394-416 record, but is 169-155 over the last two seasons.


I don’t like Terry Collins very much a manager, but third is a travesty. He took the Mets, I’ll say that again, the Mets to the World Series.

I can see Madden first, but Collins should have been no worse than second.


So the Sporting News poll voted by other managers named him Manager of the Year, but the one voted by journalists voted him third. So the people who actually manage baseball teams recognized the great job that Terry Collins performed this year, but the journalists who don’t manage and just pontificate about the sport voted him third. Something to ponder.


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