Boras: Innings limit for Matt Harvey was a, ‘misunderstanding’

Scott Boras


Apparently, the stir over Matt Harvey’s innings limit and throwing program for the 2015 was nothing more than a misunderstanding.

At least, that’s what his agent, Scott Boras, is now saying.

“I think there was a misunderstanding,” Boras explained on Wednesday at the GM Meetings in South Florida. “Matt never, ever said anything about not throwing in the playoffs. He was always going to throw in the playoffs and our plan included him throwing in the playoffs. We were all baseball players, we know you pitch in the playoffs.

“The funny thing was,” Boras explained, “a lot was said about Matt Harvey not wanting to throw in the playoffs, and yet the entire design of what we were talking about in August was just that – how we could pare down his innings in September so that he can throw in the playoffs. And frankly, the Mets came out with a very good plan for that after discussion. The doctor agreed with it. It allowed Matt really long periods of rest in September, and frankly it allowed him to perform at probably his best levels because instead of throwing 250 innings, he threw 210.”

Boras is actually quite pleased with how the Mets executed the plan to manage Harvey’s workload down the stretch and into the postseason.

“The Mets came to us and Dr. Andrews with a plan to pitch in the playoffs, it was executed and turned out well,” Boras explained.

Matt Harvey-00463That’s as close to an apology as it might get from baseball’s most influential player representative.

In early September, Boras took to the media with a warning that pushing Harvey past the 180-inning mark – inclusive of the postseason – could jeopardize Harvey’s career.

To make matters worse, Harvey seemed unprepared to discuss the topic at a press conference in Miami shortly thereafter, stating he would not commit to pitching beyond his next start, which was against the Nationals in Washington in what was a pivotal game for the Mets in their question to win the National League East.

But Harvey re-established his own credibility with a stellar and lengthy performance against the Reds to clinch the division later in September, as well as four gutsy starts in the postseason inclusive of his plea to Terry Collins to be kept in for the ninth inning of Game 5 of the World Series.

Harvey went 2-0 with a 3.04 ERA in those four postseason starts. He threw 189 1/3 regular  season innings and 26 2/3 postseason innings totaling 216 innings in 2015, the most for any pitcher in their first full season after Tommy John Surgery.

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Now it’s a misunderstanding? Why didn’t he say that a few months ago? Too big for his britches!


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