Mets hope to play in Cuba during Spring Training

BaronAfter the United States and Cuba restored diplomatic relations in 2015, Major League Baseball is trying to have Spring Training games hosted in that nation.

As such, Mets assistant GM John Ricco said the Mets have expressed an interest in playing in Cuba this spring, and hope they can be among the clubs representing the league there in March.

Ricco isn’t certain the Mets will ultimately get to play in Cuba this spring. Its a lottery system, and the Mets must be selected by the league to participate in exhibitions there, and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred such an event isn’t even guaranteed to take place in Cuba this spring.

“There are a variety of issues involved there, not all of which are wholly within baseball’s control,” Manfred said in Boca Raton on Tuesday. “Obviously, the federal government has some significant influence on whether that’s going to take place, and there are issues that need to be solved before that can happen.”

Teams played Spring Training games in Cuba through the 1959 season, but did not for 40 years when the Orioles played the Cuban national team in Havana in 1999. No Major League Baseball team has played in Cuba since.

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