Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom are hungrier to win the World Series in 2016

Syndergaard deGrom

BaronIt’s never fun for any team and fanbase to get as far as the World Series only to lose and fall short of what would have been a climactic conclusion to a dream season.

But for the Mets, they were outplayed by the Royals and lost in five games in the fall classic.

But having that happen and watching the Royals celebrate their championship on their home turf has left the Mets only hungrier and excited to begin working their way towards being that team which is celebrating on the field.

“Losing that game, watching them celebrate on the field like that was heartbreaking,” Noah Syndergaard told the Daily News. “It definitely left a hunger in everyone’s minds — to get back there next year and win the whole thing.”

“Now that we got a taste of it, we want it even more,” Jacob deGrom said. “I am really looking forward to getting back after it even more.”

DeGrom is very much looking forward to next season, and also working without restrictions and six-man rotations in the process.

“I think it will be nice to have a regular five-day rotation, five-man rotation and stick to that,” he said. “It’s a lot easier when you can have that routine and not have to skip starts and stuff. I think it will help us out too having a normal routine and stick to it.”

DeGrom certainly put to bed any worry about a sophomore slump in 2015, at one point seeing his ERA dip to 1.98 for the year on August 18. He struggled after that outing, posting a 4.91 ERA over his final seven outings, although those struggles were attributed to fatigue by manager Terry Collins.

But deGrom credited pitching coach Dan Warthen for helping him adjust and get through the regular season successfully while helping him prepare for a gutsy run through the playoffs.

“He’s done a great job for us, Ever since I came up, Dan helped us out a lot,” deGrom explained. “In-game stuff, noticing little things you are doing, telling you and making the adjustments as game goes on, he’s great at that. He’s good to talk to between innings about the next three guys coming up, what the game plan is.

“He’s meant a lot to me,” deGrom said. “I’m thankful he’s coming back.”

During the National League Championship Series against the Cubs, deGrom said he was planning on cutting off his long hair and going with a more conventional look.

But he has since reverse course, stating he will only modestly change his look for 2016.

“I’ll just clean it up,” he said.


We are all hopeful that the Mets can win it all in 2016. Improved defense and health (2B, CF, SS, 3B, and C) will help. Getting more offense (especially with the likelihood that Cespedes and Murphy will be gone), and improving the bullpen (before Familia comes in) are crucial. Better in-game managerial decisions would help, too. I’m hoping that Wright can throw better from 3B—if not, he could be moved to 1B. A healthy Lagares in CF would be great, as well.

I do love the starting pitching‚ with a full year of Matz and Thor—and Wheeler for half a year!


Our young pitchers showed they can pitch on the biggest of stages. Losing the Series was one thing but the way they lost should only add to their hunger. I expect Conforto to be a super star and can’t wait to watch him play everyday.


Conforto should be a 20+ HR player next year. Great OPS+ of 132 even this year.


By the All Star Game next summer the Met’s will be looking at 6 starting pitchers, including Wheeler. Someone will have to go. Will have to be Wheeler because others have proven their abilities. Now, what can be gotten for a potential All Star coming off Tommy John surgery?
Let’s see if Alderson can pull off a top shelf trade to fill some of the offensive holes.


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