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Rich MacLeodI’ve been racking my brain since last night on the proper combination of words to describe how I’m feeling right now, but I’m not sure any will do it justice.

After the Mets lost the World Series in the fifth game last night at Citi Field, I sat alone in my dimly lit apartment for what felt like an eternity, attempting to process everything that had just happened.

It was a close series. Everything was right there for this team. They had a chance to win a championship.

But they didn’t.

The thing that will sting the most over the long, cold offseason for me will be the mistakes the Mets made in this series, and the ones the Royals didn’t.

APTOPIX World Series Royals Mets BaseballThe inside-the-park home run in Game One. David Wright’s error in the 14th inning that led to the walk-off sac fly by Eric HosmerDaniel Murphy’s error in Game Four that tied the game in the 8th. Yoenis Cespedes getting doubled off first base to end the game in the 9th. Lucas Duda’s offline throw in Game Five that cost the Mets their lead and eventually their chances at a championship.

From 2006 onward, it was the Carlos Beltran strikeout that was the lasting, painful memory in the minds of Mets fans. This time, there are five or six “Beltran strikeouts.”

The one bright spot last night was Matt Harvey, who was absolutely stellar. He backed up the talk. He finally lived up to ‘The Dark Knight’ nickname. In my opinion, he won back the city with that performance last night and had the Mets held on, it would’ve gone down as one of the greatest single-game postseason performances in New York sports history. It just didn’t work out that way, and it hurts.

All in all, the Mets had a spectacular year. This run came completely ahead of schedule.

No one expected them to win the National League East over the Washington Nationals–they did that.

No one expected them to beat the Dodgers in the NLDS–they did that, too.

No one expected them to beat the Cubs in the NLCS–not only did they do that, but they dominated them.

By all accounts this was an extraordinarily successful for this franchise, and the most fun I’ve ever had as a Mets fan, yet I just can’t escape this fog I’ve been in since their 2-0, 9th inning lead evaporated in the blink of an eye on Sunday night.

I could play the “what if?” game all day if I really wanted to. What if the Mets pinch-hit for Cespedes with the bases loaded after he fouled a ball off his knee? What if Terry Collins let Jeurys Familia–who is now the most unfair answer to a trivia question in baseball history–start the 9th inning? What if Duda made an accurate throw to home plate?

At the end of the day, though, none of it matters, and wondering “what if?” only makes the day harder to get through. The Mets were outplayed. It’s over, and I have to come to peace with that.

Eventually, I will.

At some point, I know that I’ll be able to appreciate the amazin’ season that 2015 was for the New York Mets, but today, it’s a sad day.

Last night marked the end of one chapter, and today begins a new one full of uncertainty, questions and, eventually, hope.

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  1. Rich- yes, it stings, but, it fades and all that remains is the countdown til Spring Training 2016! They are our lads- they need some seasoning, some more time & a few breaks to go their way & we’re right back here next season. They were only a Play Off contender since the first week of August . A team has got to think it’s their time, not just play like a champion, but THINK like it’s their due. With the errors, gaffs, hockey saks being kicked around in the outfield and throwing mistakes by every pivotal position player, I didn’t think they looked like a championship team, and I’ve been a Met fan for 53 seasons. So, believe was slowly being eroded. Sure, “ya gotta believe” is a wonderfully upbeat slogan, and we do! But, you gotta make all the right managerial in game moves and execute the fundamental plays as well as the web gems to win it all. They were clearly not ready. Lets Go Mets⚾! 2016

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    1. 45 season a fan here and I completely agree.


  2. Keep your head up. I spent the morning in a similar fashion, trying to process what happened and write a sensible blog post about it. We get so wrapped up in these sports that it hurts when it ends. Dang, now we start all over again next year. You do great work, though. Your Strat-o-matic articles had me believing for a time.

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    1. All true, but hopefully we start in APRIL, right out of the gate, with a championship team, all together for the whole season, pulling as a team in the same direction.
      Imo, Cespedes and to an extant, even Harvey, we’re looking for Personal Glory:Harvey found it but was lured into seeking more when he lobbied to come out for that 9th inning( temptation for the ‘story book ending’ cost them) and Cespedes, when he couldn’t find personal glory, ( because he had an abysmal World Series offensively AND defensively) made an instantaneous decision to ham it up and go for the OSCAR award instead : if he was really all that injured, he never should have jeopardized that AT BAT, and if he wasn’t hurt, rub some dirt on it and smack that ball into oblivion! If you thought it was FUN this August and September, think of how great it will be when we have them for the WHOLE season. Off season acquisitions are imminent. I don’t think they will wait til AUGUST again next year. And think how much better they will be as a TEAM…Lets Go Mets⚾! 2016


  3. Don’t worry guys, there will be more moments like this and I am sure will capitalize on them.


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