What to look for: Royals vs. Mets, World Series Game 5, 8:15 PM

Citi Field

The Mets will look to stay alive in Game 5 of the World Series when they take on the Royals at Citi Field at 8:15 pm.

BaronHere is tonight’s starting lineup for New York:

Curtis Granderson – RF
David Wright – 3B
Daniel Murphy – 2B
Yoenis Cespedes – CF
Lucas Duda – 1B
Travis d’Arnaud – C
Michael Conforto – LF
Wilmer Flores – SS
Matt Harvey – RHP

Here is tonight’s pitching matchup:

Matt Harvey will start for the Mets.

Edinson Volquez will start for the Royals.

Mets Royals WSHere is what I’m looking for from the Mets tonight:

It aint over.

Last night stunk. Plain and simple. And the Mets are in a boat load of trouble as they have their backs to the wall and on the brink of ending their season.

But the season isn’t over until the Royals win one more game. And until then, the Mets need to just take this one pitch at a time, and focus on getting this series back to Kansas City.

It starts with cleaning up their act, playing better, and winning on Sunday night.

If they’re going to lose this World Series, it would be better if they lost making their best pitch, and playing their absolute best.

Then, there are no regrets, and no “what-ifs.”

They just need to take this pitch-by-pitch, win this game, and then focus on Tuesday. They can’t worry about what might have been or what lies ahead.

All that matters is winning Game 5 on Sunday.

It’s #HarveyDay.

And it’s the last Harvey Day of the year. He is tasked with keeping the season alive and getting his team on a charter flight back to Kansas City later on tonight.

He pitched well on Tuesday night in Game 1, but got away from what made him successful when he threw a season-low 37 percent fastballs. Ultimately, that came back and bit him in the sixth inning of that start.

It will be interesting to see how much he goes back to his fastball and whether or not he comes hard and in to the aggressive Royals hitters.

He’s had a rollercoaster of a year, but for the most part a very successful year. Hopefully he can give the Mets one of his patented big starts and shut down the Royals, and give the team a pulse.

Go batty, have fun.

Nobody expects the Mets to win this World Series now. Only six teams have ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in World Series play, so history certainly plays a role in that thinking.

But if that’s the case, the Mets have nothing to lose now. There’s no pressure in that sense, so the Mets should use go out there and have a whole lot of fun in Game 5.

It starts with attacking Edinson Volquez early in counts and early in this game, get a big lead and tack on runs to make for a relaxing game. After last night, the Mets could sure use another laugher and at least let the Royals know that they won’t go down without the fight of their lives.

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5 responses to “What to look for: Royals vs. Mets, World Series Game 5, 8:15 PM”

  1. Just win one… Worry about future games later. Probably no Wade Davis today, a tired bullpen. Jump on Edison fast and often, LETS GO.


  2. Ditto!
    One game at a time, one inningat a time, one batter at a time, one pitch at a time


  3. Almost got my wish- complete game by Harvey. Can’t disagree with his feelings. Maybe he should have come out after the walk. But you can just see how KC doesn’t make any mistakes and somehow gets you to make one.
    Time to get ready for next year.


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