Game 4 can change everything, one way or another…

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The Mets had a really nice, energetic, feel-good win on Friday night in their first World Series game in Flushing in more than 15 years.

That’s all great, but the fun is over from that one.

The Mets are now only trailing in the World Series 2-1. They are not out of the woods by a long shot.

Of the 42 teams leading 2-1 to have won Game 4 and take a 3-1 lead, 36 have gone on to win the Series, including each of the last three times (Philadelphia in 2008, New York in 2009 and San Francisco in 2010).

But of the 43 teams leading 2-1 that have lost Game 4 to even the Series, 2-2, 24 have gone on to lose the Series, the last being the Royals in 2014.

So if history is any indication, the Mets chances of winning the World Series dramatically increases with a win in Game 4.

And with Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard slated to pitch the final three games of the series, the stars would certainly be aligned for the Mets to get two of the final three games.

But the Mets can’t look that far ahead. They have to create that tremendous opportunity, and that begins and ends with Game 4.

Jeurys Familia“We’ve been here before. We can come back. We’ve done this before. Just remember what we’ve got to do and let’s get after it,” was the message Terry Collins gave his club heading into Game 3.

And the Mets definitely delivered in Game 3 and made this a World Series again. They trail by one.

Now they must tie it and get the pitching advantage they need for the final three games of the World Series.

There is a history to support that winning a World Series is indeed very possible after trailing 2-0, and they can look no further than their own history from 29 years ago when they trailed 2-0 to the Red Sox and won four of the next five games, albeit in unbelievable fashion.

The 1986 are one of the three most recent teams to win a World Series after trailing 2-0. The 1996 Yankees did it, as did the 1985 Royals.

Can the Mets be the fourth team do it?

Again, it starts in Game 4. And it starts with the same style of play, the same style of pitching, and the same relentless, aggressive pursuit of the Royals that they put on the Mets in the first two games.

The Mets are 30-14 at home in postseason play since 1969 including 4-1 in 2015. T’s the best home winning percentage of any major league team in the postseason.

Mets fans are clearly the best 26th man in the history of baseball.

“This is when we rise up, when we’ve got our backs to the wall,” Collins said after Friday’s win.

They need that 26th man to come through two more times in 2015, and the remaining 25 guys to find an additional two wins as well.

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