Mets announce 2015 World Series roster

2015 World Series wordmark

BaronThe Mets announced on Tuesday their roster for the 2015 World Series.

The club has added Juan Uribe to the roster, and dropped Matt Reynolds.

As such, the Mets will be without a natural backup shortstop if Wilmer Flores were to get hurt, at least for a day. The Mets would presumably use Kelly Johnson at shortstop the day of the injury, and/or play short on the bench if Uribe were to re-injure his chest which has kept him out for approximately five weeks.

Reynolds or anyone else can be re-added to the roster if another player gets injured for the following game.

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Wonderful that Juan URIBE is on the WS roster! He is a big part of the big change that occurred in late July. Sorry he is injured, but deserve to be included for the sheer respect of the man’s influence. Lets Go Mets⚾!


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