If rain shortens Matt Harvey’s start, Jon Niese or Bartolo Colon will be Plan B

BaronIt’s been raining in Kansas City throughout the day on Tuesday, but both managers have been told Game 1 of the World Series should be played without a hitch, albeit with some drizzle throughout the night.

But if the rain picks up, forces a delay and it knocks Matt Harvey out of his start, Terry Collins has a Plan B.

And that plan includes Jon Niese and Bartolo Colon.

“We’re really lucky, I’ve got two starters down there that are ready to pitch with Jon Niese and Bartolo,” Collins explained on Tuesday. “We’ve got a contingency if we need to get Matt out of there to go to one of those guys certainly.”

Collins did not appear inclined to turn to either Steven Matz or Noah Syndergaard if a delay forces an early exit for Harvey.

Syndergaard is scheduled to start Game 3 at Citi Field on Friday night, Matz in Game 4 on Saturday night.

“This field handles the rain very, very well,” Collins said about Kauffman Stadium. “Obviously the thing we can’t have is some big front moving in where we stop this thing in the middle of the game. That’s the issue it comes to.”

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