MLB announces the 2015 World Series umpiring crew

Major League Baseball has announced the umpiring crew which will work the 2015 World Series, beginning Tuesday night at Kauffman Stadium between the Mets and Royals.

Gary Cederstrom will serve as the crew chief in the World Series, leading a crew comprised of Mike Winters, Mark Carlson, Mike Everitt, Alfonso Marquez, Bill Welke and Jim Wolf.

Everitt will serve as the replay official for games 1-2 with assistance from Ron Kulpa. Welke will serve as the replay official for games 3-7, with assistance from Kulpa.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.13.57 AM

To see how each starting pitcher has performed when each of these umpires have called balls and strikes, look at this chart here.

2015 World Series wordmark

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