An October hero already, Daniel Murphy would rather credit his teammates instead

Daniel Murphy

BaronDaniel Murphy has arguably had one of the best postseason runs any individual has ever had in baseball history.

He has homered in six straight playoff games, which is a record.

His four home runs during the League Championship Series match the NLCS record for home runs, matching Carlos Beltran in 2004, Steve Garvey in 1978, Jeffrey Leonard in 1987, Albert Pujols in 2004 and Bob Robertson in 1971 his 1.294 slugging percentage in the LCS was the highest in NLCS history, surpassing the previous record of 1.250 by Bob Robertson in 1971.

Murphy’s four home runs are the most home runs by a Mets player in a single postseason series in franchise history his five extra-base hits in the NLCS are tied for the second-most by a Mets player in a single postseason series, trailing only Carlos Delgado’s six in the 2006 NLCS.

He may be the new Mr. October, and soon Mr. November.

Daniel Murphy“I’ve seen the ball pretty well the last week or so,” Murphy said at Citi Field on Saturday.

That’s an understatement, to say the least.

He set a career-high with 14 home runs in 130 games in 2015. He’s produced half of those home runs in nine postseason games, and he hasn’t even begun the World Series yet.

But as Murphy has done throughout his career, he deflected any credit and praise he received from the media for his epic postseason performance, instead crediting his teammates for carrying the club to the World Series.

“I think of it as a great team accomplishment with some work to be done,” Murphy said. “[The media] get to use all the adjectives you want. That’s above my pay grade.”

Perhaps if the Mets win the World Series and Murphy gets some time to reflect on a remarkable season for the Mets, he can look towards his moments in the postseason and regular season in which he helped get the Mets to that point, and take just a little bit of credit.

But for now, Murphy is only looking ahead, while praising his teammates for the work they have done as they embark on their third World Championship in franchise history.

“This is the postseason where the Mets have made the World Series and get to play a great ballclub in the Kansas City Royals,” he said. “I think Jacob deGrom is 3-0 in this postseason if I’m not mistaken. Matt Harvey came out and had a great start to get us off on the right foot. Noah Syndergaard has been borderline unhittable, whether you start him or relieve him. And has Jeurys Familia had a guy get past second base? I don’t think so.

2015 Mets World Series“Everybody has gotten a piece of this,” Murphy continued. “I thought Lucas Duda had a huge swing in Game 4 of the Chicago Cubs series to get us off and rolling. So I don’t really think of it that way. I think of it as this has been a great team accomplishment with some work to be done.”

But there’s one more accomplishment for this team to be had, which would culminate with four more postseason wins against a very difficult Royals team which features a great bullpen, team-wide speed, and a fantastic ability to make contact and hit hard fastballs.

“I’ve watched them, obviously, in the playoffs this year,” Murphy said on Saturday. “Last year we had plenty of time to watch them. So it’s a really good club. The term I would use for them, they seem relentless. They never stop coming. What a great characteristic to have for a ballclub. So it should be a great series. What a great opponent to play.”

But with Murphy stepping to the plate with his hot bat and the Mets coming at the Royals with a firestorm of championship caliber pitching on a nightly basis, the Mets may be just as relentless as the Royals.

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Tell the truth here. He gave ALL THE GLORY TO GOD then his team mates! Print the truth.


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