Jacob deGrom to start Game 1 of the World Series?


The Mets have begun to align their chips for the start of the World Series, either in Kansas City or Toronto on Tuesday.

Buster Olney of ESPN said on Friday Jacob deGrom will start Game 1, followed by Noah Syndergaard in Game 2, Matt Harvey in Game 3 and Steven Matz in Game 4.

That means deGrom would come back on regular rest on a potential Game 5 at Citi Field and Syndergaard with an extra day of rest in Game 6, with Harvey in a potential Game 7.

It’s an interesting choice to go with deGrom in Game 1 and pushing Harvey back to Game 3, only because Terry Collins himself has talked a lot about keeping Harvey on a regular routine as much as possible. He will be pitching with nearly two weeks rest next Friday.

And depending on how things play out, Harvey could only pitch in one game, but if he pitches in two, it would be for all the marbles, which presumably plays into their thinking.

Noah SyndergaardUpdate, 1:15 pm: Terry Collins said on Friday the club has not finalized their plans for the starting rotation.

Collins even hinted at the possibility deGrom might not start Game 1, citing fatigue as a possible cause for his struggles over his last two starts.

Said Collins, “He’s been erratic with his command. That, to me, is due to a little bit of fatigue.”

Collins said it was possible for Harvey to pitch up to three times in the World Series of necessary, which presumably means he would start Game 1 if that were the case.

Assuming it’s Harvey and deGrom in some order for Game 1 and 2, Syndergaard appears poised to start Game 3 and Matz Game 4. The rotation would then turn over from there with the Game 1 starter going in Game 5 and the Game 2 starter in Game 6, with Syndergaard on schedule to start Game 7.

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Harvey will also pitch the first game at home. And that can’t be a bad thing either, especially given how much Harvey likes the spotlight.


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