I can’t believe the Mets are in the World Series…

League Championship Series - New York Mets v Chicago Cubs - Game Four

Rich MacLeodThey did it. They actually did it.

The punching bag of baseball for nearly a decade… The team I’ve put my soul into since the day I started watching this sport… The team that has broken my heart on so many occasions… The New York Mets are going to the World Series.

No more called third strike.

No more collapses.

No more rebuilding.

It’s all over. The Mets are no longer a laughing stock, they’re the champions of the National League.

Never once this season, nor in the last nine years or so, did I ever truly believe that this moment would ever come. Maybe because it wasn’t supposed to.

They won the National League East. They won beat the Dodgers in the Division Series. They swept away the Cubs in the Championship Series. They are the talk of the town, the talk of the sport. They’re World Series bound.

I cannot believe what I’ve watched over the last few weeks and months, and I cannot believe that the day has come where I’m fortunate enough to write this, but it is and I am.

I feel so amazing for David Wright, who has been the face of this franchise for years now and had almost nothing to show for it. He re-signed here three seasons ago because he believed that this moment would come. It’s here.

World Series bound. Man, is this sweet…

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