The Mets are focused on today, not what might be tomorrow…

Cespedes Murphy


The Mets are on the brink of going to the World Series.

That’s still so difficult to digest. If it actually happens, it may be even more difficult to grasp.

In a good way, of course.

But despite commanding the NLCS with a 3-0 lead over the Cubs, the Mets are not looking past their current assignment, which is to beat the Cubs on Wednesday.

“We are not worried about that,” David Wright said after the game regarding possibly playing in the World Series. “We are worried about beating the Cubs tomorrow.”

Wright says both he and the team will feel relief when they close out the series, and says it would be unhealthy to think about anything other than getting that last win.

Said Wright, “I think we’ll feel better after another win, that’s for sure. I think the last thing we could start doing is thinking beyond tomorrow. Tomorrow’s the most important game, and hopefully we can close it out tomorrow. But this is an excellent team, and we’re playing good baseball. So the last thing you want to start doing is thinking about beyond tomorrow and all of a sudden you lose focus at the task at hand.”

Of course, history is on the Mets side as they enter play on Wednesday with a 3-0 advantage in the NLCS.

They need to win one of the next four games in this series against the Cubs, who have more or less had no answer to the Mets hard throwing starters and their bullpen these three games.

Only one team in baseball history has blown a 3-0 lead in League Championship Series history.

DUDA WRIGHTThat was the 2004 Yankees who lost the final four games of their ALCS against the Red Sox.

Teams to go up 3-0 in the LCS are 10-1.

No team in NLCS history has blown a 3-0. They’re a perfect 5-0.

The Mets know that. They know they’ve put themselves in an excellent position. But they also know how good the Cubs are, and that they’re capable of taking this series back to New York.

“We understand just like we’ve won the first three games, these guys can win the next three games very easily,” Wright said about the Cubs. “This is an excellent team, and you give them room to win a game or streak along a couple good innings, and they’re going to get all the confidence in the world and expect to beat us three in a row.

“You can’t look past tomorrow,” Wright continued. “You have to continue to put your foot on the gas and try to play good baseball and take advantage of the type of baseball that we’re playing and the type of pitching that we’re getting. It starts with our starting pitching.”

The Mets’ job is to do exactly what he’s saying – focus on the moment, not change the mindset which has gotten them to this point, and simply take care of business like they have throughout the playoffs. They will have plenty to be happy about and celebrate after they get that fourth win in this series.

But for the fans, it’s perfectly ok to be excited, and dream about what was thought to be impossible not too long ago.

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