Terry Collins and Tom Coughlin have been exchanging text messages…

Collins Coughlin

BaronAs the Mets close in on their first National League pennant in 15 years, Terry Collins has a new fan he’s been communicating with during the course of his club’s postseason run.

On Wednesday in Chicago, Collins said he’s been chatting with Giants head coach Tom Coughlin via text message throughout the playoffs.

First of all, I don’t know Tom at all. I’ve never met him. But I’m extremely impressed he would take the time,” Collins explained. He’s got a lot going on his plate right now to take the time.”

Collins said Coughlin telephoned Collins to congratulate him on winning the National League East but the two never spoke.

“I tried to return the call, but it’s like getting through to the President when you call the Giants. So I didn’t get through,” Collins said.

Collins said Coughlin reminds him of someone.

“He kind of reminds me of me, to be honest, so I appreciate the effort,” he said.


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