Odds for the Mets to win the World Series at 10/3, underdogs to Cubs in NLCS

After the conclusion of the Division Series in both the American and National Leagues, Bovada Las Vegas has updated their odds for the final four teams left in the postseason.

The odds for the Mets to win the World Series is 10-to-3, and they’re currently underdogs against the Cubs despite having home field advantage in the NLCS.

2015 MLB PostseasonHere are the latest odds from Bovada Las Vegas for the National League Championship Series and the World Series:

Odds to win the World Series

Toronto Blue Jays 9/5
Chicago Cubs 5/2
New York Mets 10/3
Kansas City Royals 18/5

Exact World Series Matchup

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Chicago Cubs      9/5
Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets   11/4
Kansas City Royals vs. Chicago Cubs     11/4
Kansas City Royals vs. New York Mets  4/1

NLCS matchup

Chicago Cubs               -145     (20/29)
New York Mets           +125     (5/4)

NLCS – Exact Series Result

New York wins 4-0      15/1
New York wins 4-1      13/2
New York wins 4-2     11/2
New York wins 4-3      9/2
Chicago wins 4-0         8/1
Chicago wins 4-1         19/4
Chicago wins 4-2         19/4
Chicago wins 4-3          9/2

NLCS – Total Games in the Series

4 Games       19/4
5 Games         9/4
6 Games         7/4
7 Games         9/5

NLCS – Where will the series be decided?

In Chicago         +110 (11/10)
In New York      -140 (5/7)

For all of the odds, check out Bovada Las Vegas.


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