Mets served their cold dish of revenge in the form of a dominating playoff win

Cespedes Wright Murphy

Baron“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” 

It’s an old proverb used to describe the best way to seek vengeance upon any perceived wrong doing.

In the Mets case, such revenge can simply be served in the form of winning.

And winning big.

On Monday night, in the first playoff game in the easternmost borough of New York City in nearly nine years to the date, and just 48 hours removed from one of the most epic and controversial take-out slides in playoff history, the Mets issued their payback to the Dodgers on a cold dish of dominance in their most pivotal game in a decade.

They whitewashed the Dodgers in a 13-7 rout in front of nearly 45,000 electric and hungry fans who have waited patiently and courageously for a success story in Flushing.Chase Utley

“The boos at the introductions were a big statement leading into the game,” Matt Harvey said late Monday night. “We knew the biggest thing going in was coming on top and scoring as many runs as we did that kind of did all the talking.”

The Mets could’ve handled this differently, and to many onlookers, they should have. But to do physically retaliate would have put their chances of winning this series in serious jeopardy, for they would risk losing players to ejections and/or suspensions, further distracting from the task at hand, which is to win playoff games.

But Manager Terry Collins’ message before the game clearly was well received as they roared back from an early 3-0 deficit to runaway with a pivotal game three win.

What was that message?

“Play the game. This is too big a game. We need to not worry about retaliating. We need to worry about winning,” Collins said early Monday.

Indeed, there’s a time and a place to exact revenge.

Playoff games, pivotal playoff games, games where every out is vital and precious, is probably not the time to give away bases and create opportunities simply out of emotion.

It can wait.

Winning cannot, however.

“I thought that the best revenge you can get on something like that is coming out here and winning two games. That’s the biggest message I think we all can try to rally behind,” David Wright explained after the win.

But then again, winning might be the greatest pain the Mets can inflict on Chase Utley and the Dodgers anyway. After all, Los Angeles would gladly take a two-game ban for Utley and play short temporarily for that win on Saturday night.

After all, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly used all but Utley and his backup catcher in Monday’s rout, effectively volunteering to play short in those circumstances in what seemed like an obvious ploy to protect his player from getting hurt.

Mattingly denied that was the case, of course.

“The big thing from the day before is we ended up losing that game,” Curtis Granderson explained after the win. “So any retaliation, anything you can do out there doesn’t change that. And that’s the way you have to look at it. We ended up coming into today 1-1. Anything we happened to do or anything that anyone recommends that we do doesn’t change that except for going out there to win the ballgame.”


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