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Terry Collins

BaronIn a wonderfully written story for Newsday, Mets beat reporter Marc Carig tells the story of Mets manager Terry Collins.

Carig chronicles Carig’s tale from the beginning with an endless journey as a player in the Pacific Coast League, an 11-year banishment from managing in the big leagues after failed stops in Houston and Anaheim, to dealing with the trials and patience of the Mets rebuild to reach his first postseason in his 40-year career.

“I could see that he was a future manager,” Collins’ mentor, Jim Leyland told Carig. “I could see his love for the game. He managed in the minor leagues a long time. I knew he knew the game. I knew he was very bright. I knew he cared about people.”

But Collins became labeled as a manager with a harsh temper, which had been said to help lead his Astros and Angels to failure and subsequent dismissals by each club.

He was hired by the Mets in 2010 as their minor league field coordinator by them-GM Omar Minaya. Only a year later, after Minaya was gone and the front office had been quickly reshaped, Collins was named the big league club’s field manager.

“I’m not the evil devil that a lot of people made me out to be,” Collins said at his introductory news conference in November, 2010.

As it turns out, Collins has proven to be more even keeled, and even jovial during his time with the Mets. He often tells stories about his life in baseball, the people he’s come to know and what he’s been taught during his time in the game, which has certainly been met with more failure than success.

“Those meetings that some managers have when they yell and scream?” Collins told Carig. “I had those. I don’t have those anymore.”

To read Carig’s wonderful story about the Mets manager, check out Newsday.

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I read it in the paper and it was a really great story and I learned things I didn’t know. Craig did an excellent job.


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