Mets now 7-to-1 favorites to win the World Series

2015 Mets PostseasonHere are the latest odds for all teams to win the World Series, and both the American and National League pennants:

Odds to Win the 2015 World Series

Toronto Blue Jays                     3/1

St. Louis Cardinals                    5/1

Chicago Cubs                           11/2

Los Angeles Dodgers                11/2

Kansas City Royals                   11/2

New York Mets                          7/1

Houston Astros                         17/2

Texas Rangers                          12/1

Pennant Odds

Odds to Win the AL Pennant

Toronto Blue Jays                     13/10

Kansas City Royals                   2/1

Houston Astros                         9/2

Texas Rangers                          6/1


Odds to Win the NL Pennant

St. Louis Cardinals                    21/10

Chicago Cubs                           11/4

Los Angeles Dodgers                11/4

New York Mets                          13/4

Odds provided by Bovada Las Vegas

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