Wilmer Flores could be, ‘running out of gas’ – Ruben Tejada to start for now

Wilmer Flores 1 slice

BaronDuring the club’s most recent homestand, Wilmer Flores hit just .211 with no extra-base hits or RBI in 21 plate appearances, starting six of the nine games against the Marlins, Yankees, and Phillies.

On Thursday, Ruben Tejada – who is 4-for-his-last-7 and is hitting .375 with one home run and six RBI in his last 23 games, is starting for the second consecutive games against the Reds.

On Friday afternoon, Terry Collins said he and the coaches have agreed to give Flores a rest, as they feel he could be running out of gas, so Tejada will continue to play shortstop for the next few days.

Flores’ defense has also suffered as of late, whereas Tejada continues to play extremely well at shortstop when given an opportunity. If Florescontinues to struggle, the Mets may have to consider starting Tejada’s defense over Flores in the postseason.

Of course, there’s still two weeks before that decision officially must be finalized.

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