While the ghosts of 2007 and 2008 haunt Mets fans, Sandy Alderson remains unconcerned

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The failures from the 2007 and 2008 season continually haunt the Mets fan base. And even if the Mets clinch the National League East seven and eight years later as they are expected to do, those ghosts may never go away.

After all, those seasons left a very deep wound.

But Mets GM Sandy Alderson doesn’t believe those ghosts haunt the Mets players despite starting their current nine-game homestand 2-4 with their magic number somewhat stalling in the process.

“I don’t think 2007 or 2008 means a lot to the players,” Alderson said Monday at St. Albans Community Living Center in Jamaica, according to Newsday. “It means a lot to the fans that were around during that period of time. Our focus has to be on winning games and having as positive an attitude towards each and every game as we possibly can.”

Alderson realized that before their 4-0 shutout win over the Braves on Monday night, the club had staggered through the last week through some poor play and poor hitting. But he’s confident the club will embark on a better stretch of games as they attempt to close out the National League East over the next week.

“Everyone would admit that we haven’t played all that well the last five or six days. But I expect that to change,” the general manager said.

Despite the rough stretch at home over the last week, Alderson is choosing to look at the larger sample size as a measure of not only what they’re capable of, but a reason for why the Mets are in the position they are today with a magic number of seven with 12 games left on the schedule.

“Just before the Yankees and Marlins series, we won eight in a row,” Alderson explained. “Which got us to the point where we were talking about a pretty large lead. I remember going into the [early September] Washington series and we could have come out of there with a one-game lead. We’re at six . . . Things happen over the course of two or three games.

“No question we have to start winning some games again, but we were pretty good at that for the last couple months,” he said.

The Mets are now 12-7 in September and are 36-17 since July 25.

The Mets once owned a 9 1/2 game lead in the National League East. Despite the lead being cut by three games, no team since 1900 has blown a lead of 9 1/2 games in September, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

If the Mets go 6-6 over the final 12 games, the Nationals need to go 13-0 just to tie the Mets in the National League East.

And in order to win the division, the Nationals would need to win four consecutive games against the Mets at the end of the year, including a tiebreaker.

Despite those incredibly long odds for the Nationals, Mets fans will always deem a collapse which would be far worse than anything the franchise experienced in the last decade as a realistic possibility, until the door is shut and triple bolted on Washington.

And even that might not be enough to get over those years.

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