Terry Collins is livid over the situation surrounding Matt Harvey

BaronFaced with more questions about the decision to remove Matt Harvey with a  1-0 lead after five innings despite allowing only a hit on 77 pitches, Terry Collins was still angry and upset with the situation and what ultimately transpired upon removing his ace from the game.

Harvey has pitched 176 2/3 innings so far in 2015. Collins said Harvey will make two more starts in the regular season, although he didn’t say whether or not similar limits would be imposed on his ace right-hander.

Harvey’s agent, Scott Boras, claims there was a hard limit of 180 innings, including the playoffs, set for his client. The Mets have maintained that is not the case, and Sandy Alderson said on Monday Harvey’s surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, confirmed to the club there was never a hard limit of 180 innings set.

But Collins hinted the decision to remove Harvey on Sunday wasn’t necessarily all his own.

“This is what it is,” Terry Collins angrily said on Monday afternoon. “This is a different era and a different age. There have been things that you do that you don’t necessarily. …You think there may be a better way that in the past it’s been done. It doesn’t happen today, things change. And, you’ve gotta change with them.”

Collins said he struggled with the decision to take Harvey out of the game, but felt it was for the betterment of the player and the organization over the long-term.

“Taking Matt out after five innings [on Sunday] – was I disturbed? You’re damn right I was disturbed. But that’s what it is, and so I did it for the good of Matt. Hopefully for the good of the organization in the future that there’s not an injury, that he’s ok and that he’s going to come back.”

Collins continually insisted nobody – from Harvey to himself to the players – were happy with the decision to remove Harvey from the game.

“All the talk and everything else isn’t going to change the fact that’s what we had to do,” Collins explained. “We decided to do it, we stayed on course, and you know what? Nobody on either side is happy about it. Matt’s not happy about it, and we are not happy about it. But that’s what it is.”

But if they are (which is likely) and it impacts their ability to win, it will only be more troubling for the manager – and the organization and it’s fans for that matter – who is attempting to reach the playoffs for the first time in his career.

“If it keeps us from winning the pennant, I am not going to be very happy about it, “the manager said. “But ut us what it is, and you have to adapt to it.”

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Sounds like a crock! Collins is running scared s_less. What he is trying to do is to save his job. Harvey has still thrown substantially fewer pitches than other pitchers with the same innings. Doesn’t make any sense. There was no release that Harvey would only go 5innngs last night. Collins must had that information or got the word from above. A shame the way this team is being ruined by what sounds like Boras and maybe Alderson. All because they think that there is a good chance Harvey will get hurt again- after 23 months since surgery. That’s a long, long time. The original Tommy John came back after 4months and went on to pitch until he was 46!
What next?


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