Michael Conforto displayed more opposite field power on Monday

Conforto slice


Michael Conforto went 1-for-4 with an opposite field solo home run during Monday night’s 4-0 win over the Braves.

Conforto’s only hit was a second inning solo home run to left field – three of his eight home runs have been hit the other way in his rookie campaign.

“It something Ive worked on a lot,” Conforto explained after the win. “In college, I wanted to hit the ball hard everywhere on the field. I worked on it in batting practice, I worked on it in games to make myself more of a complete hitter. Its a little bit difficult to pull a fastball away, and hit it out to right field, especially at this level.”

Conforto also flew out twice to left field, hitting one of his other flyballs to the warning track.

“To be able to hit the ball where it’s pitched is a pretty valuable thing, and something I work on a lot,” Conforto explained.

Conforto recognized the importance of Monday’s win after a disappointing series loss to the Yankees over the weekend, but said there was no sense of urgency inside the clubhouse ahead of the game.

“The clubhouse has really been the same,” Conforto explained. “Obviously, we wanted that series against the Yankees really badly. It didn’t work out for us, but I can honestly say there hasn’t been panic after we lost that series.

“There hasn’t been that sense of tension,” the outfielder continued. “It’s been loose ever since I got here. I’m sure it was before as well. It’s just the way the guys are, and the way the team is.”

Conforto’s eight home runs are tied for the fifth-most in Mets history for a player through his first 46 career games.

“This guy has some kind of power,” manager Terry Collins said after the game.

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