This lost series should serve as a wake up call for the Mets…

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The Mets played like a team in need of an off-day in their series against the Marlins this week.

Fortunately, they’re going to get one on Thursday ahead of their series against the Yankees.

Generally, the Mets lacked a whole lot of energy in this series against the Marlins, who once again seemed to outpace them as they did just last week in Miami.

In this series, the Marlins outscored the Mets 18-7 in the three games at Citi Field.

“We had such an emotional high going coming out of Atlanta, I think you’re seeing just a little bit of a drainage of the system,” Terry Collins said after the loss. “If there was a day off coming, I think it’s coming at the right time.

“I think we need to just get away for a little bit, we’re gonna come back, it’s gonna be pretty exciting starting Friday, and we need to pick the energy level up a little bit,” the manager concluded.

Indeed, as they face a showdown with the Yankees in what will be the most meaningful regular season meeting for the two teams in the history of interleague play as these games have playoff implications for both clubs.

Just how it was drawn up when the schedule was made a year ago.

David Wright – who had a strong showing in this three-game series with the Marlins going 5-for-11 with four doubles – realizes the club is drained, but doesn’t find the losses acceptable.

“We had a long road trip, and an emotional road trip, but that’s no excuse for going out there and losing games,” Wright said.

Wright doesn’t believe there was a lack of energy with his club. Instead, he attributes the losses to a lack of execution all-around.

“There’s gonna be days where you just get outplayed, and today we got outplayed in every area of the game,” he said.

For the Mets, this lost series against the Marlins should serve as a wake up call. For their two consecutive losses coupled with Washington’s two consecutive wins over the Phillies have cut their division lead to 7 1/2 games with 16 to play.

While its improbable they could blow this substantial lead, this is familiar territory for this franchise, proving that nothing is impossible.

The problem for the Mets and this fanbase is in order for that territory to become unfamiliar and be put in the rearview mirror for good, they have to win the division.

And they haven’t won anything yet.

They’re still in very good shape, however, despite the demons that haunt them.

If the Mets merely go 7-9, the Nationals still need to go 16-1 to overtake the Mets and win the division outright. If the Mets go 8-8 or 9-7 the rest of the way, the Nationals need to run the table. If the Mets go 10-6, the Nationals cannot catch them no matter what.

It’s the merit of having a big lead. But the Mets need to do whatever they can to ensure the final three games against the two clubs do not matter.

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