Yoenis Cespedes was plunked on Tuesday, and the Mets were not pleased…

Yoenis Cespedes 1 slice


Despite falling to the Marlins 9-3 on Tuesday night, the Mets have gone 11-7 against Miami in 2015, outscoring them 91-74.

In only eight of those 18 games, however, Yoenis Cespedes has hit three home runs, driven in nine of those 91 runs, and scored ten of them.

One of those home runs came in the form of a 442 foot blast into the second deck in left field, during which Cespedes admired before taking his time to round the bases.

Perhaps the Marlins were tired of Cespedes’ act.

In his first at-bat and on the first pitch Cespedes saw on Tuesday night, Tom Koehler drilled Cespedes in the back in what clearly looked like a pitch with intent.

Cespedes glanced at Koehler as he headed towards first base.

Koehler, however, insisted he did not hit Cespedes on purpose.

“I’d been throwing him curveballs down in the zone, he’s hit them hard,” Koehler said on Tuesday night. “I’ve thrown him fastballs away, he’s hit them hard, so I was trying to go in for a ball for effect and it got away a little bit.”

The Mets didn’t exactly think Koehler was sincere in his words.

“I knew he got hit,” Jacob deGrom said. “I knew what happened.”

But deGrom – who was struggling throughout his start, didn’t feel like Tuesday night was an appropriate time to pay the Marlins back.

Erik Goeddel appeared to take a shot at paying the Marlins back in the seventh inning when Koehler squared to bunt, and the ball sailed over his back, after which both benched received a warning.

Despite the failed pay back attempt, the Mets were not pleased with Cespedes being targeted.

“Cespedes being hit I think bothered us a little bit,” manager Terry Collins said. “So we’ll answer it in our due time.”

So in what will be the final game of the 2015 season between the Mets and Marlins, there could be some parting blows on the diamond come Wednesday night.

“It’s baseball,” Travis d’Arnaud said about the incident.

With the team attempting wrap up a division crown, losing players to suspension may not be the best recipe for success.

But there’s always 2016.


Hit batter aside, what’s more of a repeating problem is runners left in scoring position. I think it was 9 of 12 last night, and no runs scored in the first inning with bases loaded. d’Arnaud swinging on the first pitch isn’t a good idea. Wait pitcher out a little, look for a good pitch and maybe improve the stats.


They’re waiting for Stanton probably next season.


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