The Mets have a chance to clinch the NL East at home…

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With the Mets defeat of the Marlins on Monday night, they reduced their magic number to ten for winning the National League East championship.

For those unaware, the Mets magic number is any combination of Mets wins and Nationals losses, and is calculated by the number of games remaining, plus one (the one is a tiebreaker), minus the difference in the loss column.

The Mets have 18 games left. So the formula is (18+1) – 9 = 10.

So mathematically, the Mets can clinch on Sunday, September 20 before the Mets play the Yankees, assuming the Nationals lose their next six games and the Mets win their next four games.

That’s probably a little unrealistic.

More than likely, the Mets might clinch the division sometime during their series against the Braves at Citi Field, or perhaps more plausible, during their four-game series against the Reds in Cincinnati after this homestand.

For Terry Collins – who is a legitimate candidate for the National League’s Manager of the Year Award in 2015 – he would love to be able to clinch in front of the home crowd.

“To clinch here would be very, very special, but to clinch would be more special. I don’t care where it’s at, “the manager said after his club secured it’s 83rd win of the year.

There are a number of scenarios for the Mets to clinch the National League East at home, but none are really probable.

The Mets have played one more game than the Nationals so far, but that will change on Thursday when the Mets are off and the Nationals host the Marlins.

So the standings will definitely change no matter what by a 1/2 game one way or another on Thursday.

In order for the Mets to clinch at home, the Nationals would need to fall two games further back in the loss column and be 11 games out by close of business by September 23. That would put the Mets 11 games up with ten to play, which obviously would clinch the division.

Of course, if the Mets keep winning and the Nationals fall flat on their face, they can clinch sooner than that.

However, while the Mets manager would love to celebrate in front of the home crowd in the next week, just wants to clinch the first playoff berth of his long rollercoaster of a career and deliver on all of the talk which began 10 months ago at the industry meetings.

“To be able to clinch any place, any time, it would be a huge boost not only to our organization but to the fan base to say, ‘Look, thanks for all the support and continued support.’”

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