The Mets revised plan for Matt Harvey in an effort to keep him sharp…

Matt Harvey 1 slice


There’s a delicate balance the Mets need to consider as they attempt to keep Harvey at or around the 180-innings limit both he and his agent would prefer throughout the rest of the regular season.

Earlier this week, Sandy Alderson said Harvey would make no more than four starts through the end of the regular season. To meet that demand, the Mets are skipping his regularly scheduled start on Monday against the Marlins at Citi Field, having Logan Verrett start in his place.

But with three weeks left in the regular season and the need to keep Harvey both sharp and around the innings limit, the Mets have to find a way to keep him in a routine which keeps him polished and ready to pitch in the playoffs.

“We’ve got to get him on the mound a little more consistently,” Terry Collins said on Sunday morning. “Every 12 days is not a good scenario.”

So on Sunday, Collins said the Mets will have Harvey start against the Yankees next Sunday night at Citi Field. He will then be a part of a six-man rotation, which would give him 1-2 more starts during the regular season. But Collins said he will only make limited appearances when he does pitch, and not make full starts.

For instance, Collins said Harvey might only pitch four or five innings, followed by some combination of long relievers such as Sean Gilmartin, Tim Stauffer and Erik Goeddel to bridge the gap to the later innings.

The problem of course, is this solution could limit the availability of their relievers for days before and after Harvey starts.

Collins didn’t say whether or not the Mets would add another reliever to the bullpen, although that reliever could be Carlos Torres if he can return from a calf injury in the near-term.

Harvey is 12-7 with a 2.88 ERA in 171 2/3 innings in 2015.


What about his innings in the playoffs? The same, limited numbers? If so, that would not be great. We should never have gotten to this point!


Let’s hope Terry doesn’t get too cute and mess things up for everybody. Good as he is, we can’t change everyone’s plans to get Harvey a few innings. It’s a slippery slope but maybe just play out the pitching scheme in regular rotation with just one extra rest for him. That may be the way to keep everyone sharp.


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