Yoenis Cespedes’ grace, style and dynamic presence has transformed the Mets

Yoenis Cespedes

BaronFriday night was most definitely a disappointing night for the New York Mets.

It was a night when it looked like the discussion would be about heroics and character. Instead, the discussion was about ill-fated bullpen decisions, poor execution by that bullpen, and the Washington Nationals gaining a stride in the race towards the finish line in 2015.

But indeed, lost in the commotion of the loss were the heroics of Yoenis Cespedes, who once again served as the dynamic force capable of single-handedly carrying an offense on a daily basis.

His night didn’t get started until the sixth inning when he led off the frame with a well struck triple in the right-center field gap at Marlins Park. It was an easy triple for Cespedes, who is both graceful and efficient in his strides around the bases or in the outfield whenever he starts out of the gate.

He would score on an RBI groundout from Michael Conforto just a few moments later, drawing the Mets closer at 3-1.

Then in the seventh inning with the score 3-2, Cespedes hit a laser beam to almost the identical spot he hit his triple just one inning earlier, only this one sailed over the wall to give the Mets a 4-3 lead.

It was his third home run in as many games. He also has two triples in his last three games, all of which coming after an 0-for-16 skid during the last home stand.

“He had a bit of a blip, but he’s too good of a hitter to stay in a slump very long,” manager Terry Collins said after the club fell 6-5 to the Marlins on Friday night.

He’s now 7-for-his-last-15 with three multiple-hit games in a row and five extra-base hits.

Cespedes has probably been even better than the club envisioned he would be when they took a leap of faith and acquired to pending free agent. He’s hit 11 home runs with 28 RBI in 145 plate appearances since joining the Mets, stealing four bases and posting a .974 OPS in 31 games during that span.

If there’s one kink in Cespedes’ shining armor is he is a free swinger and doesn’t work deep counts. His approach completely defies the club’s hitting philosophy, and certainly in some instances the approach has hurt the team at times.

Nobody can be a perfect Met.

But Cespedes is graceful, stylish, and the dynamic force the Mets have coveted for years. He comes with a certain flair and star power any team would want in the middle of their lineup everyday, and he has transformed the Mets offense all by himself.

From that standpoint, Cespedes comes as close to being a perfect Met as the front office will ever find on the open market this winter.


I love him and wish the Mets would sign him long term although the possibility of that is highly unlikely. But that being said along with his free swinging style he also tends to not always hustle and has quite a bit of hot dog in him. I was also struck by his dugout presence after his shot home run yesterday. He was still enjoying the “moment” while the game was progressing and I can’t help but wonder if teammates tolerate that knowing what a talent he is but also are put off by it to some extent.


Can’t think of any way he can be signed for next year. Current financial situation won’t support him. Big contracts will also start coming due up the road and then what?
Time to get into NY style finances or sell the team.


The financial situation is changing with larger crowds and a playoff appearance (knock on wood).


Even if they had all the money to spend, his contract is what changes everything. Such a unique clause essentially eliminates the Mets from keeping Cespedes. He’s playing so well and as a result raising his value. He’d be foolish to not hit the open market.


I am tired of the mantra that the Mets can’t sign YC. True if he wants to go FA there is nothing NYM can do but he seems to be interested in staying. As for $, there obviously has to be a threshold beyond which NYM can’t go. I must say that I am more concerned that NYM will low ball him and then say they made an effort, As for me, I think 7 years at $22.5 mil is fair and would push as high as $25 mil.(Five tool players of his caliber are rare and his impact -albeit still in relatively small sample- has been incredible.

Ok where is the $ coming from. Next year NYM will strip off 23.25 mil.in pitcher’s salary from this years opening day team -. Colon (11), Parnell (3.7), Gee (5.3), Mejia (2.5), Caryle (.75). All of this $ goes to increase salaries already committed to (see, Cuddyer, Niese, Lagares), arbitration players (Duda, Harvey) and general raises. Yet 8 million will come off the books if NYM don’t resign Murph which seems to be the inclination and keep in mind to sign him would cost between 10-12.5 mil. If we take that YC receives 25 mil, then NYM salaries expands by 17 mil. quite reasonable for a Division winner and hopefully more. In light of better performance, better attendance Wilpon’s would look real small (and maybe this time alienate player’s union) if don’t have reasonable mark up.

In subsequent years, Cuddyer and Niese come off the books after 2016 season at a tune of 20 mil.; Granderson in 2017 at 15 mil.; and if correct Wright’s salary shrinks by about 6 mil. annually by 2018.

I think we were all shocked that the Mets stood up BIG at this deadline. They need to continue to keep the momentum going.


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