Takeaways from the Mets 3-1 win over the Phillies on Monday…

Colon Granderson

The Mets defeated the Phillies by the score of 3-1 at Citi Field on Monday night. Here are my takeaways from the win…


Quietly enough.

The Mets bats were pretty silent on Monday night against a Phillies team they absolutely scorched over four days last week. But they got an outstanding performances from Bartolo Colon – on both sides of the ball – and a couple of timely home runs in the fifth inning from both Michael Conforto and Curtis Granderson, which ended up being more than enough for the Mets 73rd win of the year.

The Bartolo Colon Show.

What a night for the 42-year-old veteran.

He was dazzling from the very beginning of this one, moving his two-seamer in and out and down in the zone, keeping the Phillies completely off-balanced thanks to just the right mix with his off-speed pitches.

Colon had a little extra on his fastball on Monday night, has he was consistently in the low-90s with his two-seamer in particular. The Phillies were actually late on a few of his fastballs in the seventh inning, during which he struck out the side.

Bartolo ColonHe also extended the fifth inning with a two-out single to center field, which prolonged the inning long enough to get Curtis Granderson to the plate, who connected for a two-run home run to extend the lead to 3-0.

That’s all Colon needed as he continued to resuscitate his season with a splendid evening.

It hasn’t been a great year for Colon by any means. But he’s put together a very impressive stretch in his last two starts against the Phillies along with his brief relief appearance on Saturday. Amazingly, he’s made an adjustment which has made him effective and reliable again, and he’s not going away without a fight and a compelling argument as October draws closer.

Crush Conforto.

Conforto showed off his power to the opposite field with a solo home run to left field in the fifth to get the party started for the Mets on Monday. He connected on a good pitch down although it did get quite a bit of plate, but he went with it and muscled the ball over the fence.

It was his fourth career home run, his first to the opposite field with probably many more to come. Lately, he’s featured a much more level swing which has been able to show off his incredibly quick hands. Once he finds that consistency, he’s going to become the special hitter everyone expects him to become.

But even while he continues to develop, Conforto has quietly transformed this offense since he got here. So, he’s already a special component to this run towards October in 2015.

The Curtis Granderson story.

Granderson just continues to have a marvelous year out of the leadoff spot for the Mets. He has brought a combination of qualities of both a top-of-the-order presence and a middle order power threat to the leadoff spot, and has excelled in both roles at the right times all year long.

He knows when he needs to be patient and work a pitcher to draw a walk, and then, like he did in the fifth inning on Monday night, he knows when he has to power up to be a run producer. There aren’t too many players with that kind of mental discipline who can embrace both qualities and be a hitter with multiple personalities. But Granderson has done that with incredible results this season, and quietly been the most consistent presence for the Mets from the beginning.

Other notes from Monday:

Colon now has a scoreless streak of 16 innings. He tied a season-high with nine strikeouts. He collected his fourth win against Philadelphia in 2015.

The Mets are now 13-1 against the Phillies in 2015, 7-0 at home. They’ve now won ten straight games against Philadelphia.

The Mets finished August with a 20-8 record. It’s the first time since August, 2000 they’ve won 20 games in a calendar month.

The Mets hit 45 home runs in August.

Granderson drove in 22 runs in 27 games in August.

Familia converted his 36th save of the year despite struggling in the ninth inning. He converted all nine save chances he had in August, although he allowed his first run in August in the ninth inning.

Yoenis Cespedes went 0-for-4 on Monday – he’s hitless in his last 14 at-bats.

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