Murphy’s Law dramatically worked in favor of the Mets on Thursday

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Usually, when Daniel Murphy is involved in an unusual play – whether it’s at the plate, on the bases, or in the field behind his pitcher – it results in some level of awkwardness and head scratching.

But sometimes, Murphy’s Law plays to the advantage of the New York Mets.

In the tenth inning of Thursday’s game with the Mets and Phillies tied at five, Jeff Francoeur hit a comebacker off the foot of Carlos Torres, which deflected to the right of Murphy at first base.

With his back to the plate, Murphy corralled the baseball and flipped behind his back to first, hoping not only the flip was accurate, but Torres was covering first base and Francoeur didn’t beat out the hit.

Murphy and Torres went a combined 3-for-3 on the play, much to the dismay of Francoeur who was out at first base.

“There’s a reason why Carlos Torres wears soccer shoes,” Terry Collins joked after the game.


Murphy even reacting fast enough to make the catch off of Torres’ foot was remarkable enough. But to make the flip accurately and for Torres to have been able to covered the base in time was nothing short of a miracle.

“It was just going back up the middle and it just happened to hit my foot,” Torres said. “I do put my foot up sometimes. I not sure if I did it that time. I’m just happy Murph stayed home, picked up the ball and made a good toss at first base.”

Murphy, who deserved the bulk of the credit for instinctively reacting to the play, credited Torres with his awareness to get to the base after the ball hit his foot.

“Carlos made a great play to even stay with it and continue running to get over,” Murphy said. “It was great play. I wasn’t sure if he was going to be there, but I flipped it anyway.”

Daniel MurphyMurphy and Torres weren’t done after that miraculous play, however.

Torres led off the 13th inning with an infield single behind the second base bag. Then after Curtis Granderson walked and Yoenis Cespedes flew out, Murphy slugged a go-ahead two-run double in the top of the 13th inning to plate both Torres and Granderson.

It was Murphy’s ninth game-winning RBI of the season.

Murphy has been a tremendous part of the club’s success in the month of August. He’s hitting .356/.378/.611 with 11 doubles and four home runs with 20 RBI in his last 20 games.

He was on the roster at the end of 2008, but this is really the first pennant race Murphy has been right in the middle of in his career. He’s arguably been at his best for the club during those 20 games, in which the Mets have gone 14-6, coming up with key hits and key RBI at opportune times.

While his future with the club is cloudy at best, he’s brought positive energy to both sides of the ball, and is clearly enjoying what has been a rare and elusive opportunity to win during his career.

Whatever happens to him beyond 2015, it’s hard not to root for Murphy, a guy who has done everything that’s been asked of him over the last seven years. Whether it’s try to learn left field on the fly, take a crash course at second base, or serve as fill-ins for David Wright and Lucas Duda, he has gone about his business without hesitation, often times in embarrassing fashion.

To make it this far through all of that is an accomplishment in and of itself.

And now with the Mets on a course for October, there aren’t many others that deserve that achievement more.

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