Jacob deGrom chose a great night to have the worst start of his career

Jacob deGrom


For a while anyway, Monday night looked like one of those games in that third of the season the Mets were just destined to lose.

That’s because Mets ace Jacob deGrom, who entered his start on Monday with the second-best ERA in baseball at 1.98, threw out his worst start of his career against the Phillies on Monday night at Citizens Bank Park, allowing seven runs – six earned on eight hits with three walks and only three strikeouts.

His ERA rose 31 points to 2.29 for the year, which may put him in a little jeopardy of finishing with a sub-2.00 ERA for the year.

He allowed a three-run home run in the first inning to Ryan Howard, a solo home run to Cameron Rupp in the second inning, and a three-run home run to Domonic Brown in the third inning, which effectively ended his night, having thrown 83 pitches in 2 2/3 innings.

Just like that, it was 7-2 Phillies, and the Mets and all of their onlookers were stunned. Not so much that the Mets were down five runs, but that one of the best pitchers in baseball just did not have it and got crushed quickly.

“I don’t think I located one pitch,” deGrom said. “All the balls were down the middle and they were getting hit hard.”

It was only the second time in deGrom’s brilliant young career he could not get through five innings in a start. The seven runs deGrom allowed were the sum total he had allowed in his previous seven starts combined, and the most he’s ever allowed in a start in his career.Jacob deGrom

As deGrom said, this was just a matter of having zero command of the strike zone with any of his pitches. Everything he threw was above the knees, whether it was his fastball, change-up, or slider, and it was right there on a tee for the Phillies, who smoked him in a way that just hasn’t been seen with deGrom in his two years with the club.

Fortunately, deGrom chose a good night to have a bad day.

The offense produced a record setting eight home runs and 15 extra-base hits, resulting in 14 unanswered runs against the Phillies sub-par pitching staff to get deGrom off the hook and keep him from losing for the first time in his career against Philadelphia.

DeGrom made no bones about his poor performance, and thanked the offense for the help.

“I can’t say enough about what the offense did to pick me up,” deGrom said. “I wasn’t very good out there tonight. And they did a great job battling back and getting the win.”

The good news for deGrom on Monday night was the fastball velocity was most definitely there. At one point, he hit 98 mph with one of his better fastballs of the night, so that should eliminate any concerns over injury or fatigue for the Mets ace. He was bound to have a difficult start – how can he be so consistently dominant for so long?

It’s the consequence of making 30 starts over 162 games. Eventually, there will be a bad one. Fortunately, the Mets fearless brand of baseball supported this bad start, and won anyway.

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Everybody is going to have a bad night and you are correct this was deGrom’s night to have it. However, this night belonged to our Captain. You see in baseball there is thing, a mystique, an aura that takes over when one of your teammates arrives at a point in his career that means everything to them and you chomp at the bit to support that player. David Wright is the Mets organization. A dedicated professional that lays it on the line every time for the orange and blue. He returned to the field last night facing the music on spinal stenosis. His beloved career hanging in the balance. His love for the game immediately produced an ominous blast. deGrom struggled but it didn’t matter. The team on the field and in the dugout would not let this game go down that way. Phillies hit three dingers and were up 7-2. This still did not matter. The Mets proceeded to blast off, take the lead and never look back. They ripped the Phillies hearts right out of their chest. Gilmartin came in to pitch for the Captain. The Captain made a few errors. Gilmartin knuckled down and got the team in the dugout. They hit Cespedes we hit Herrera making it 1st and 2nd wth no outs. That didn’t matter either as Gilmartin pounded his chest for the Captain. Do you think that for one moment our Captain was not contemplating the end of his playing days? Can you imagine how that resonates with his teammates? Some that have been with him, some that are new to the Mets, and some that have played against him, his level of respect was already firmly in place. His future being cloudy disrupts the whole picture and everyone feels it. When Wilmer jumped for and caught a line drive Murphy jumped just as high at the same time. Cuddyer was caught on camera smiling in right field just happy to be part of things having stroked two doubles and a dinger., WIlmer Flores, our beloved baseball human being, hit two balls definitively out of the park, threw Howard out on his back, and gave kudos to his Captain, after the game, speaking to how long he had been there and what he means to this team. There is a baseball thing where magic happens where it ought to and deGrom added to it by subtraction. It was just not going to happen on the Captain’s night. NO WAY IN HECK. The New York Mets have become a very scary team. A healthy Captain makes it only that much scarier.

John Farrel,the manager of the Red Sox and a fantastic baseball guy announced his battle with illness and stepped down. The Red Sox went on a tear. It’s that baseball thing yet again. Players respond when one goes down and when it s a beloved leader even more so. Thoughts and prayers with the Farrels and the dugout awaits his triumphant return.

I admit to being emotional when David crouched after leaving the on deck circle readying to hit that ball out of the park and contemplating all that could or would not be. . But it was all about our Captain taking the field again, donning the blue and orange, and playing the game that he loves. The New York Mets took care of the rest with a record producing night. So in reference to deGroms bad effort; the Mets spoke very loudly. NOT HERE, NOT TONIGHT, and NEVER UPON THE RETURN OF OUR CAPTAIN. LETS GO METS!


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