Yoenis Cespedes had a night for the ages, which is exactly what he needed

Yoenis Cespedes


Anything goes at Coors Field, and on Friday of anything Yoenis Cespedes hit from the Rockies pitching staff went very far.

Cespedes had his best game as a major leaguer on Friday night, going 5-for-6 with a grand slam, solo and two-run home run, his 34th double of the season and a single with a stolen base and five runs scored.

He was a the dream of a fantasy team owner in an epic performance on Friday night.

“He just continues to display some of the things that everybody says he can do,” manager Terry Collins said after the win. When you see it, you just shake your head. He’s a special talent. I thought the last ball had a shot. Now you just can’t wait to see what he’s going to do tomorrow.”

Cespedes would need to have a legendary evening at Coors Field tonight. But because it’s that venue, truly anything is possible.

He set a career-high with his three home runs in a single game and became the third Met this season to homer three times in a game. He set his own single-game marks in hits, and runs scored and RBI with seven.

Yoenis CespedesHe “only” needed a three-run home run to hit for the home run cycle, something which has never happened in the history of major league baseball, and only once in the history of American professional baseball.

He needed only a triple for a real cycle and another hit to tie Edgardo Alfonzo’s single-game franchise mark with six hits, and he may have been able to pull it off if not for an excellent catch by Carlos Gonzalez in the ninth inning.

“All I had in my mind was, ‘Go for third,'” Cespedes said when he made contact in his final at-bat.

So he Cespedes had to settle for becoming the first Met since Ronny Paulino  in 2011 to notch five hits in a game, and he needed 14 innings to do that.

He became the fifth player in the last 100 years to record five or more hits, seven or more RBI, three or more home runs and five or more runs scored.

“I haven’t seen anything like that,” Collins said.

Not many have.

It was the kind of break out game Cespedes really needed, although this type of performance can never be predicted. He had been good and the team was generally winning since they acquired him (they were 12-6 since he joined the Mets entering play on Friday). And most importantly, he’s provided necessary protection for others in the lineup, many of which have benefitted from that.

The Mets have scored 5.3 runs per game in 18 games since August 1, which is the day he made his Mets debut.

But he had yet to put on any sort of consistent display of his five-tool skill set himself.

It all came together Friday night in a way he may never experience again.

“I’ve been feeling great all this time,” Cespedes explained after his unforgettable performance. “But it’s like any other good hitter. They find a night they can lock themselves in, and they won’t miss the ball and they hit it hard.”

Cespedes now has five home runs and 15 RBI in 18 games since joining the Mets. He’s hit .316/.341/.582 with four stolen bases during that span.

Just what the doctor ordered. He’s been a perfect fit for the Mets. He’s a perfect fit for the Mets going forward too.

You can watch Cespedes’ three home runs on Friday night here:


Michael: Who were the other four players to have five or more hits, seven or more RBI, three or more home runs, and five or more runs scored?

Also, do you think that the Wilpons have the will and funds to sign Cespedes long term?


Nice to talk about all of his accomplishments BUT so far it looks Ike only a short term rental. Money as been short and not too wisely spent in the past. Now it will take big bucks to bring him back next year and probably for five more. A big question mark. I guess all we can do is sit back and enjoy and hope for the best this year. Long term they have a lot of big contracts coming up for their pitchers. Would live to see the long range board with contract years listed for these players.


He is human, and he’s due to settle down- Cspedes has both a wife AND a son he left behind in Cuba when he defected to the DR with ~ 10 relatives. Perhaps, if he truly enjoys the whole New York atmosphere, he will choose wisely to locate the whole family here for a LONG time. Wouldn’t it be a gas to have him around for the next 4 yrs!? The Mets will not go longer than 4-5/100-125. But someone else will go SKY HIGH, and we will probably lose him. Pity.


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