Mets officially skipping Matt Harvey on Sunday – Logan Verrett to start instead

Matt Harvey


Throughout the last week, the Mets had been discussing when to skip Matt Harvey in the rotation.

At first Terry Collins said they would skip him sometime in September. But then he hinted Harvey could be skipped as soon as this weekend in their series against the Rockies in Coors Field.

On Friday, they came to a conclusion.

The team has decided to officially scratch Harvey from his turn in the rotation on Sunday, Terry Collins said on Friday afternoon.

Logan Verrett – who was recalled earlier this week to replace Bobby Parnell on the active roster – will start in his place.

Collins said on Friday this is the only time the club plans to skip Harvey, as the six-man rotation in September will help reduce the number of innings he throws through the rest of the regular season.

He also said they will soon skip Noah Syndergaard in the rotation, but didn’t specify a specific date.

All signs were pointing to this taking place as late as Wednesday, when Collins used Verrett in the sixth inning during Wednesday’s 5-4 loss to the Orioles in Baltimore, and not sending him out for the seventh inning despite only throwing six pitches to get three outs in the sixth.

Instead, Hansel Robles pitched the seventh inning, and he allowed a solo home run to Adam Jones.

The result of this decision has an impact not just on Sunday’s game, but games before and after as well.

For starters, the Mets are effectively playing with a pitching staff two men down on Friday, Saturday, Monday and maybe Tuesday as well. This could very likely tax the bullpen on Sunday as well, as Verrett probably can’t pitch more than four or five innings in his start – he has not thrown more than five innings in any start in Las Vegas this season.

Perhaps the Mets might consider recalling another arm from Triple-A Las Vegas, and going a man short on the bench until they activate David Wright on Monday?

Of course, the club might have been better off skipping starters in May or June, rather than August and September anyway.

Harvey is 11-7 with a 2.57 ERA in 154 innings over 23 starts in 2015. In spring training, the team said Harvey would not make more than 30 starts this season. It is believed Harvey has a soft innings limit of 190-200 innings, although neither Terry Collins or any club official has made a specific declaration on Harvey’s limits.

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Waiting for Wally…sorry, it’s not that I don’t LIKE Terry, he’s a nice guy, but you know the adage about “nice guys….”. Prove me wrong, Terry, steer this ship into Port without a crash&burn.


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