Thanks to The 7 Line Army, Camden Yards felt like home for the Mets

Terry Collins


For the most part in 2015, the Mets have struggled away from Citi Field.

So, they’re going to need all of the help they can get down the stretch of the season, considering the bulk of their schedule is on the road, despite it being the weakest schedule in baseball.

Fortunately, The 7 Line Army, headed by The 7 Line founder Darren Meenan, brought a large group of fans from New York to Baltimore on Tuesday night, and made Camden Yards feel like home for the Mets.

Included in the army in Baltimore was comedian and Met fan Jim Breuer.

“That was awesome that the 7 Line was here,” Jacob deGrom said. “It almost felt like we were playing at home, the support the fans are giving us at other ballparks, it feels real good.”

Manager Terry Collins was also appreciative of the army making the long trip to Baltimore on a weekday.

“The 7 Line was here tonight, they’re unbelievable when they come, when they show up,” Collins said after the game.. “If you’re a player, my gosh almighty, how can you feel tired or fatigued when you’ve got that atmosphere to go on?”

Aside from The 7 Line army, there were many more Met fans scattered around Camden Yards on Tuesday. As was the case in Miami and St. Petersburg two weeks ago, Met fans appeared to dominate these road venues.

“That’s what this is all about,” Meenan told JustMets on Wednesday. “Being passionate fans and supporting the team in good times and bad.”

Meenan, who will be traveling to Coors Field in Denver along with 700 other Met fans this weekend, is appreciative the club recognizes and feeds off their standout presence while on the road.

“It’s incredible the players and coaches are receptive to us being out there,” he said. “Anything we can do to help them feel at home is fine by us.”

Perhaps Darren and his group specifically helped will the Mets to victory in what became a very murky ninth inning against the Orioles.

These outings have unquestionably altered the atmosphere at Citi Field and on these road trips. There’s a special energy in the park when they’re at these games, and it’s developing into what really is a necessary brand for the Mets to embrace.

Imagine the atmosphere The 7 Line would create at playoff games at Citi Field, or in playoff games on the road?

All remaining outings except the final home game of the regular season are sold out. For more information, check out The 7 Line.

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