The Mets have an easy remaining schedule, but they still need to prove they can win away from home

Daniel Murphy, Yoenis Cespedes, Juan Uribe

Rich MacLeodWith about a month and a half remaining in the 2015 regular season, the Mets find themselves in a pretty good position. As of Tuesday they are in first place in the NL East with a 4.5 game lead over the preseason favorite Nationals.

In addition to giving themselves a little cushion in the standings, another thing that points to the Mets having continued success for the remainder of the season is that they have the easiest remaining schedule of any team in all of baseball and only have two series against teams over .500 as of today.

There is one issue, however…

Of their final 44 games this season, 26 of them will be played away from Citi Field. As dominant as this team has been at home this season, it’s been the completely opposite case away from home. The Mets are 21-34 on the road so far this season, the 5th worst road record in all of baseball and of those five terrible road teams, New York is the only one with an over .500 record.

For whatever reason, things just haven’t gone right for this team on the road this season. Their pitchers have an ERA of 3.52 away from Citi Field as compared to 2.94 at home, which, while good, is still a pretty big disparity. In terms of offense, the difference is even bigger as the Mets are averaging 3.27 runs per game on the road, compared to the 4.10 runs per game they’ve averaged at home this year.

No matter what happens for the remainder of the year, this team won’t have a good road record at the end of the day–there’s just too much ground to make up. What you do want to see, however, is this team to start playing better away from Citi Field. You can be as dominant as you want at home, but if you’re not at least around the .500 mark on the road, you’re probably not going to be that successful, especially in the postseason.

I do think this team has showed a little something on the road, however, in the last month or so. Since the Mets traveled to the West Coast for what was looked at as a make-or-break road trip against the Dodgers and Giants, this team is 10-8 away from home. That series really began this team’s resurgence, as they wound up with their first winning road trip of the entire season. While the Mets did follow up to go 2-4 on their road trip coming out of the All-Star break, one where they could have easily wound up with a 3-3 record if not for a blown 8th inning lead in Washington, they haven’t looked as beatable away from Citi Field of late.

All in all, the Mets have won three of their last six away series, which may not blow anyone away, but it’s a definite improvement considering that the team had won just two series on the road all year until they headed to Los Angeles in early July.

The Mets’ remaining road opponents this season have a combined 365-455 record (.445 winning percentage), so they should have plenty of opportunities for continued success.

But considering so many of their remaining games are on the road, they have to prove they can overcome an obstacle they have badly struggled with for most of 2015.

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I think they’re getting better, thanks to vets like Urine and Johnson. They’re above .500 on the road over their last 15 or so games away from NY. Right now, I just want to see Thor figure out how to win away from Citi, consistently.


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