While losing stinks, the Mets have played their hearts out this weekend



Losses are always frustrating, and most of the time beyond aggravating.

It brings out some very insane, irrational thoughts and words from fans and other on-lookers.

It’s fair to say people hate losing more than they like winning. It’s certainly easier to feed off of the negative than it is to embrace the positive. That’s just a fact of life and the age of humanity we live in.

What’s worse, the typical, even the most rational Mets fan fears one or two losses will put the club on the fast track to another train wreck of a season.

CespedesWith respects to the Mets, it’s not unreasonable. The Mets have unquestionably risen towards the top of the class of the National League, but the specter of 2007, 2008 and the circus of the combined seasons of 2009-2014 will always loom large in the minds of the customer until they’re officially put to bed.

And they will only be put to bed when the Mets actually make the playoffs. Perhaps that will happen in 2015. But, the fact it will not in most dramatic fashion is in the back of everyone’s mind.

Again, that’s just being fair, as much as the Mets want to believe those very, very dark times are no longer a part of the team’s fabric.

But the Mets hunger and blood thirst for a pennant has been very much apparent in these first two games against the championship-caliber Pittsburgh Pirates. They’ve played their hearts out in the first two games of this series.

They’ve just come up a little short so far.

The Mets have matched them pound-for-pound in these two riveting, pulsating, and heart-throbbing extra-inning games. And this is all without the Mets featuring any one of their three (or four, or even five) big guns on the mound.

Despite the losses, and what Daniel Murphy did in the 14th inning on Saturday which is still nearly impossible to believe, the Mets have shown they’re up to the challenge of playoff-caliber baseball, and are truly among the elite in the National League right now.

Sure, they’ve already lost the series. But take a step back and look at how well the Mets have played in this series.

They’ve really played outstanding defense overall in these two games. They’ve gotten some incredible clutch hitting from the likes of Juan Uribe, Michael Conforto, and Yoenis Cespedes. The back end of their starting pitching has pitched very well and their bullpen has been even better against a Pirate offense which is clearly relentless.

But by no means are the Mets being outclassed by the Pirates.

Again, at the very heart of the matter, the losses are frustrating, especially since the Nationals are failing to seize the opportunity to get back into the race against the Giants, a team who has also struggled recently. And make no mistake – the Mets have to prove they can not only play with teams like the Pirates, Cubs and Cardinals, but actually win when they need to against those teams.

They have only proved this weekend they can play with, but not beat the Pirates, and it’s a big concern.

But with the exception of Murphy’s play, the overall brand of baseball these new Mets are featuring is without question good enough to win and compete against the upper-echelon of the league.

They just need to make that one last push to find that ultimate success.

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Agreed with this whole article-watching the game at home with my sister & her husband, the emotions were roller coaster ride good. We remembered watching the Beltran at bat against Wainwright in 2006 NLCS & it made us all sick‼️Hard to erase what losses like that do to your psyche, let alone our dog Lucie,who was just a puppy that night, and when Beltran struck out looking, the whole house “exploded”, she woke up from a sound sleep, peed herself & ran for the hills! She is now 9 yrs old and a poorly adjusted Met fan- poor dog🐾😘‼️💗


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