Jon Niese may not start on Friday against the Dodgers

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Rich MacLeodJon Niese, tonight’s scheduled starter, may not pitch tonight as his wife is due to give birth to their second child, Terry Collins told reporters on Friday afternoon.

While he’s currently at Citi Field, prepping for his start and penciled into tonight’s lineup, it is unclear if Niese will actually pitch in tonight’s game.

At this point the Mets don’t have enough time to call someone up for a spot start, and they’re not going to ask one of their other starters to pitch with one day’s less rest, so this is likely going to have to be a game where they completely rely on their bullpen.

Of the other Mets relievers, Bobby Parnell is coming off of Tommy John surgery and Jenrry Mejia is coming off of an 80-game suspension, so I highly doubt either of them would be asked to pitch multiple innings. Sean Gilmartin failed to record an out in his appearance last night, Alex Torres has struggled all season and hasn’t had many long appearances this year and obviously the Mets wouldn’t use their closer Jeurys Familia.

While he’s struggled this season and hasn’t been asked to do it since last year, Carlos Torres seems like a possible candidate to start this game for the Mets tonight. There may be a snag here, however, as Torres pitched the 9th inning of last night’s game. Hansel Robles, a former minor league starter, could be the most likely pitcher to start tonight.

On another note, this may very well be the first time in MLB history that both starting pitchers missed the game due to paternity leave, with Zack Greinke’s wife having a baby, as well.

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  1. Why didn’t they plan on a replacement part- they only had 9 months to plan for it?
    Happy wife, happy life🏩🍼congrats to the New Niese❗️


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