Curtis Granderson ruined Clayton Kershaw’s perfect game, and shocked everyone

Kershaw Duda


There was a very strange vibe inside Citi Field on Thursday, especially at a time when the Mets are in the thick of two different playoff races.

For now, anyway.

Perhaps it was the crushing loss from Wednesday in Washington. Maybe it was what seemed like disconnected commentary from the General Manager before the game. Maybe it was the fact Terry Collins batted John Mayberry and Eric Campbell fourth and fifth respectively against Clayton Kershaw, both of whom have lower batting averages than Jacob deGrom.

Or, maybe hopelessness is just starting to set in with the audience as the club continues to slip and games come off the schedule.

Maybe it’s all of the above.
But as Kershaw was making the Mets look silly as he retired the first 18 batters, the fans and the media seemed shocked Kershaw didn’t retire all 27 Mets on Thursday.

In fact, there were a significant number of fans polled at the ballpark and on Twitter who were legitimately rooting for the Mets to be wiped out by a perfect game, hoping it would spur management to finally get a hitter or two for this roster.

And, that’s a major problem. It’s representative of the true temperature of the fans in particular, especially considering where the Mets stand in their playoff races.

It’s not supposed to be this way.

Clayton KershawFortunately for the Mets, it wasn’t to be on Thursday, as Curtis Granderson broke up Kershaw’s bid at a perfect game with a single to leadoff the seventh.

Perhaps very fortunately.

In the end, the Mets had no chance on Thursday. They didn’t even challenge Kershaw in what was the 11th time the club has been shutout in 2015.

“The way we’re swinging the bats, we were overmatched,” Terry Collins said after the Mets were dominated for nine innings against Kershaw.

“[Kershaw] really didn’t miss over the middle of the plate today,” Lucas Duda quietly said at his locker on Thursday night. “He’s tough. When he’s locating like that, it makes for a tough night for us.”

In fairness, even the best lineups might have suffered the same fate against Kershaw on Thursday, and could very well have been no-hit or retired in order for 27 outs–he was brilliant in typical Kershaw fashion. He was that great on Thursday.

Thursday’s game should also have been a tip of the cap to Kershaw. There is 1/3 of the season in which a team wins, 1/3 they lose. Thursday’s falls into the part a team always loses.

However, Wednesday’s game falls into the 1/3 of the season which determines a team’s fate, which made Thursday a must-win in a hopeless venture.

But this game in particular might have been over before it started.

The Mets stood no chance with the indefensible lineup they fooled themselves into believing could stand a chance just because, as Terry Collins put it, Campbell had been swinging the bat better lately.

In the end, he’s hitting .176, and he batted fifth against the best pitcher in the world on Thursday.

But, what else can he say? Who else does he have? After all, he was playing with 24 people once again, as he has for the better part of three weeks. Many of those people don’t belong in the big leagues.

What’s worse, on Thursday Sandy Alderson didn’t exactly inspire confidence he would be upgrading this putrid offense, which is unwatchable, suggesting the club would not view this summer as a failure if he failed to add a bat before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

Carlos Torres“Not as long as we worked as hard as I think we need to and have worked the process as hard as we possibly can,” Alderson stated on Thursday.

Sorry, there can be no more A’s for effort here. Not when this team is that close to greatness. Not when the opportunity to win is here and now. As it’s been said on this site many times, all they need is league average offense which can output four runs a game – they’re 35-5 when scoring four or more runs in a game this season.

They don’t have that. Working hard to get it does not count for anything other than golf and vacations in October.

They’re getting torched for their inaction all over the place, whether its the media on Twitter, Facebook, television or radio, all the way to the fanbase. Sandy Alderson knows how the fans feel, too, and he was hit pretty hard by members of the media before Thursday’s game about the club’s inaction to date.

It’s not going to change unless they change.

But Alderson instead pushed off those questions, suggesting bench players should play more, peripheral stats are good, and the club deserves a pat on the back for trying to get help, rather than actually getting help.

It’s inexcusable. It’s unacceptable. And, they’re making their poor, lame duck manager field a team which has no chance when the pitcher gives up more than a run or two, then making him face the media day after day, answering the same questions over and over again about his hopeless offense getting more terrible by the day.

The peripheral stats support that, too.

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  1. Met fans rooting for team to fail to show management changes need to be made. I can see that. That is what it has come to


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