CC Sabathia still thinks the Yankees have the upper hand over the Mets

CC Sabathia

M BaronThe season hasn’t even started yet, but the Mets and Yankees have already done a lot of talking.

In today’s Daily News, Yankees LHP CC Sabathia essentially told Anthony McCarron there is no comparing the two teams, as the Yankees are still the superior club.

“I’m not going to sit here and start a war of words back and forth with the Mets, but I don’t see it,” Sabathia told McCarron. “That’s all I got to say. I don’t see it happening. They’ve got some good young players, but … yeah, they have some good young players.”

Sabathia cited the Yankees playoff experience as a reason why he feels his team still has the upper hand.

“I’m just saying for every starter they have, we have the same guy who has done it before, been in World Series and won World Series games. That’s why I don’t think it’s a battle.”

Ok, but a lot of those guys who have, “done it before” are either retired or diminished, and a lot of those players haven’t been to the World Series since 2009. Just saying…

Anyway, the Mets certainly aren’t the perfect ball club, but a compelling argument can be made the Yankees have far more holes than the Mets do at this point in time. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything before the games count, but when we are talking about who is better, the only thing which can be judged are the active rosters and what key figures have displayed in camp. The Mets, to be fair, just look like a better club as of today.

I think the Yankees have a very good manager and a great coaching staff which has allowed them to overachieve a little bit in the last few years. That’s ok – winning is the bottom line in whatever way they can get it done. The Mets haven’t exactly done a lot of overachieving over the years, to be fair…

Even so, I wouldn’t expect any player for any team say publicly another team is better. If Sabathia were to say, ‘Yes, another team is better than us,’ that might not sit too well with the Steinbrenners, or his teammates for that matter.

Whether it’s against the Yankees, Nationals or the entire league, the Mets will only prove they’re legit if they go out and win baseball games. They’re very confident, aiming very high, and are cleary very hungry. But, that’s all talk. Now it’s time to go out there and prove Sabathia and the rest of the league wrong.

If they do, that would be icing on the cake…


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