Dillon Gee just wants to pitch, regardless of role or location

M BaronDillon Gee started for the Mets in their Grapefruit League opener against the Braves at Disney World on Wednesday, and allowed two runs in two innings.

“He settled down,” Terry Collins said after the Mets defeated the Braves 8-2 on Wednesday. “I’m sure he’s all amped up. He’s had it up to here with all the trade stuff. He’s got to go out and pitch in terms of getting himself ready for the season. We’ve all told him it’s only March 4. There’s a long way to go yet and, right now, he still figures to be on our club.”

imageCollins is thankful Gee is still with the club.

“We all say he’s not going to start but, gosh, we don’t know what’s going to happen. You look up, he’s got 14 wins and you’re thankful he didn’t trade him.”

Meanwhile, Gee continues to insist he is unbothered by the trade speculation, and doesn’t care what role he’s in no matter where he winds up, be it with the Mets or elsewhere.

“In the end it doesn’t matter, wherever that is,” Gee said after the game. “Whatever role, whatever team.”

Gee did tell reporters in February his preference is to start, but is willing to pitch out of the Mets bullpen.

On Tuesday, Sandy Alderson told reporters he has not had any substantial trade talks in Spring Training, and said if he does, he doesn’t think it will be until the end of camp.

I am Dillon Gee fan, so I am glad he’s still here. I don’t blame him for being annoyed at the situation, assuming Terry is right. In any profession, all we ask for is clarity on a daily basis, and in this case, Gee doesn’t have that at all. He claims to not be affected by this, and I hope that’s the case. No matter, this remains a very awkward situation, which I anticipated heading into camp. The constant questions aren’t going to end until Sandy is able to draw some sort of conclusion to this, one way or another.

Here is Gee talking with reporters after his first spring outing:

Source: Vorkunov, Star Ledger

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