Mets not ruling out retaining Daniel Murphy on a long-term deal

Daniel Murphy


On Friday, the Mets made Daniel Murphy a $15.8 million qualifying offer.

If he accepts, the Mets will retain Murphy on a one-year deal for that dollar amount. If he declines, the Mets will receive a compensation pick after the first round of the 2016 draft if he signs with another club.

But assistant GM John Ricco didn’t rule out the possibility Murphy would accept the qualifying offer he received last week.

“You always have to anticipate that he’s going to accept,” Ricco explained about Murphy’s qualifying offer. “Otherwise I don’t think we would have done it.”

If Murphy accepts the offer, he would be the first player to ever accept a qualifying offer. Continue reading

Report: Rockies have discussed signing Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy


It’s been less than 24 hours since teams have had free reign to sign free agents from other clubs, and one of the Mets free agents is already garnering discussion.

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports is reporting the Rockies have discussed internally the possibility of signing Daniel Murphy.

According to Rosenthal, the Rockies would conceivably sign Murphy to play first base.

The Rockies are essentially set around their infield with Nolan Arenado, Jose Reyes, and DJ LeMahieu left to right, but really lack a viable, everyday option at first base now that Justin Morneau is a free agent. They have Ben Paulsen who was decent there, but Murphy would unquestionably be an upgrade for them if he chose to sign there strictly as a first baseman.

Murphy’s strongest position is third base, but he is a capable first baseman as well – he’s been about league average at first base throughout his entire career.

Coors Field would be a good ballpark for Murphy’s game, given the large dimensions and his ability to spray the ball gap-to-gap. He would also see an uptick in power as well, as do most players who play in that ballpark.

And for the Rockies, they wouldn’t have to relinquish their first round pick in the draft if they signed Murphy, since their first round selection is protected thanks to finishing in the bottom ten in the league in 2015.

And if he were to play first base, an uptick in power would go a long way towards enhancing his value as a player.

Sandy Alderson non-commital on extending Daniel Murphy a qualifying offer

BaronWith Daniel Murphy heading into free agency this winter, questions have arisen as to whether or not the Mets would consider retaining the life-long Met, especially after his miraculous postseason in which he hit seven home runs in the Division and National League Championship Series.

Last week, Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported the Mets would at least make a $15.8 million qualifying offer to Murphy, although Kristie Ackert of the Daily News reported previously the Mets remained uninterested in signing Murphy to a log-term contract, despite his immense success in the postseason.

But on Wednesday, Sandy Alderson insisted no decisions had been made regarding the retention of Murphy, including whether or not he would make him a qualifying offer by Friday’s deadline.

“Murph has been a great player for us over the years. He’s been a Met over his entire career,” the Mets Genrral Manager explained. “So we’re going to make that decision a little later this week.”

Alderson did say Dilson Herrera is a viable alternative to Murphy if the Mets decide not to retain him.

If the Mets make Murphy a qualifying offer, and he declines and signs with another team, the Mets would receive draft compensation in next June’s first-year player draft. That could prove significant if they also do not retain Yoenis Cespedes as replacing that lost production could come in the form of a player or players who also received a qualifying offer, meaning the Mets would have to relinquish one mor more draft picks for those alternatives.

It’s worth noting the Mets cannot extend Cespedes a qualifying offer since he was acquired mid-season.

It’s far from ideal for the Mets to relinquish a first round draft pick for the second year in a row. Recall, the Mets gave up their first-round selection in 2015 to sign Michael Cuddyer to a two-year contract last November.

Mets intend to make Daniel Murphy a $15.8m qualifying offer

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As far back as two summers ago and as recently as the last week, the Mets have not altered their stance on extending Daniel Murphy a long-term deal beyond the final year of team control in 2015.

The issue has always been about value in regards to Murphy. He is a below average defender but capable of playing multiple positions on an everyday basis. It’s mostly why the industry has and still views Murphy as a super-utility player on a good team.

And he has filled that role admirably with these very good Mets, who he has led to the cusp of their first National League pennant in 15 years.

Murphy has always been viewed to command  market in the range of $10 million a year over a three or four year period. For the Mets, paying that price for Murphy – who is earning $8.5 million in his final year of arbitration eligibility in 2015 – was always believed to be an overpay thanks to his below average defense and often perplexing play.

As such, the future of the position has been lying in the hands of Dilson Herrera, and possibly Wilmer Flores or Matt Reynolds.  Continue reading

Mets not budging, plan to let Daniel Murphy go as a free agent after 2015

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Oh, Murph!

He’s produced a 1.308 OPS in seven postseason games, home runs in four consecutive games, all of which have come against Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke, Jon Lester, and Jake Arrieta, three of the four National League Cy Young Award contenders.

All of his home runs have meant the difference for the Mets. All of his home runs have helped carry them right through the Division Series and to Chicago with a 2-0 lead in the National League Championship Series.

He has been the club’s MVP in the playoffs. He’s 10-for-28 with a double, five home runs, eight RBI.

“This is a good group. I think we’re having a whole bunch of fun right now, ” Murphy said Sunday night.

If they get to the World Series, he will be the reason why that happens. All of the pitching in the world might not matter if Murphy was having even a Murphy-like run through the postseason.

He’s been their miracle and inspiration for seven postseason games. There’s been nobody like him for any other team right now. One might think this epic performance on baseball’s biggest stage might sway the Mets to consider retaining Murphy beyond 2015, the last year they control him.

After all, there’s the science of baseball which is measured statistically, and then there are the intangibles Murphy clearly brings to a playoff-caliber team, neither of which can be ignored. And, his stock is only rising with each act of heroism on a nightly basis.

But the Mets stance remains unchanged, according to a report from Kristie Ackert in the Daily News, as the club continues to maintain their position of letting Murphy go at the end of the season.

“He’s been great, really great,” a club source told Ackert, “but it changes nothing.” Continue reading