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Once compared to Clayton Kershaw, Steven Matz has a chance to beat him on the big stage


Rich MacLeodAs the hours, minutes and seconds count to Game Four of the NLDS between the Mets and Dodgers, young lefty Steven Matz prepares himself for the biggest start of his baseball life.

It will be not easy task for Matz, not only because he hasn’t pitched a major league game since September 24th in Cincinnati, but also because of the presence that opposes him on the mound.

Clayton Kershaw.

Yes, he has a reputation for struggling in the postseason. Yes, the Mets beat him in Game One. Yes, he’s pitching on three-days rest… But it’s still Kershaw. (more…)

Chase Utley once again dons the role of villain against the Mets

NLDS Mets Dodgers Baseball

Rich MacLeodFor the better part of a month, ever since an NLDS between the Mets and Dodgers seemed inevitable, I envisioned that Chase Utley would have some sort of impact on this series.

As he stepped up to the plate in the 7th inning of Game Two, I once again mentioned this to my Just Mets writing partner Michael Baron.

Maybe it was the history between he and the Mets, maybe it was just a gut feeling, but whatever it was, I just had that sense. That being said, I never expected what wound up happening on Saturday night.

Let’s face it, Chase Utley has ripped out the hearts of Mets fans before. He’s homered so often in the one easier spot in Citi Field to get one out that it’s often referred to as “Utley’s Corner.” (more…)

Chase Utley’s late slide at second base fueled a night of anger and confusion…

NLDS Mets Dodgers Baseball

Rich MacLeodAs I woke up on Sunday morning, I still found myself in the same daze and stupor that I was in from the 7th inning on during last night’s game in Los Angeles.

Everyone knows the story by now.

Chase Utley slid extraordinarily late and out of the way of the second base bag into Ruben Tejada, breaking up a potential double play which led to the game being tied, and controversy to ensue.

The umpires on the field deemed that it was not an intentionally late slide or the neighborhood play and the replay umpires in New York rule that despite not touching second base that Utley was safe on replay review, but Tejada’s season run also ended as he suffered from a broken leg.

Fortunately for Tejada, he should be ok in a few months and should not require surgery as of now, a source has said.

I wasn’t just incredibly confused last night, I was angry.

I still am. (more…)

The Mets are embracing their role as underdogs in their Hollywood movie

Mets Reds Baseball

Rich MacLeodLights. Camera. Action.

As the Mets move closer and closer toward the opening act of their Hollywood movie, they prepare for a role that isn’t all too unfamiliar for them—the underdogs.

The Dodgers, favored by Bovada in Vegas to win the series, are the ones that are supposed to be here, not the Mets. The Dodgers have Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke leading their pitching staff. The Dodgers have power bats with postseason experience in Adrian Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig. The Dodgers have a $300M payroll. (more…)

One year after saying goodbye, Kevin Burkhardt reflects on time with Mets, team’s success since


Rich MacLeod

It was late in September of 2014 when beloved Mets field reporter Kevin Burkhardt walked away after eight seasons holding the mic for SportsNet New York.

Now, one year later and thriving with FOX as in-studio host for MLB Whiparound, as well as play-by-play man for the NFL on FOX, Burkhardt sat down with Just Mets and reminisced about his time with the team, his choice to move on, and his thoughts on the success of the Mets since his departure. (more…)

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