Mets are out on Yoenis Cespedes

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BaronThroughout the entire off-season, Mets officials have been clear about the possibilities of Yoenis Cespedes being retained for the 2016 season and beyond, labeling it as “unlikely” on numerous occasions.

Assistant GM John Ricco has said Cespedes’ demands – which were initially a six-year deal in free agency this winter – were out of the Mets range, although dialogue had been on-going throughout the first part of the winter.

And while the Mets continue to search for right-handed help in the outfield, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says the Mets are all but out on the bidding for Cespedes.

In fact, Heyman says talks with Cespedes – who is represented by CAA Baseball and Roc Nation – never included dollars and only years, and the Mets were only interested in retaining the star outfielder on a short-term deal in the range of 2-3 years.

Yoenis Cespedes-00214Heyman says there are no discussions currently taking place between the Mets and Cespedes’ agents.

In other words, the Mets are clearly not that interested in bringing Cespedes back at all, given he is still likely to get a deal of at least four years, perhaps five at some point during the winter when the market for outfielders unfolds.

In fairness, it was never truly realistic to believe the Mets would retain Cespedes. Sandy Alderson has been clear throughout his tenure here it is not his game to sign players to long-term deals. That has held true, as the only players his front office have signed to a long-term deal is Juan Lagares, who is beginning a five-year contract extension in 2016, and of course David Wright’s eight-year deal agreed upon in December, 2012.

The next longest contract agreed to under Alderson’s watch is Curtis Granderson at four years, and the Mets were hesitant to give Granderson that fourth guaranteed year in December, 2013.

If the Mets had been successful in their pursuit of Ben Zobrist, he would have matched Granderson’s contract in length and in all probability, dollars as well. So it’s clear Alderson and his group believe in exceptions to their belief of signing players to short-term deals.

Clearly, Cespedes is not one of those exceptions, although many – this author included – believe he is worth a five-year risk to the Mets.

And with the exception of Asdrubal Cabrera, the Mets have procured players this winter who are controllable only in 2016.

One reason for that, presumably, is that they have to account for the increasing costs to their starting pitching in 2017, as Matt Harvey will be arbitration eligible for the second time, and both Jacob deGrom and Zack Wheeler will be up for arbitration for the first time.

Having said that, the Mets still have to have a viable and steady crew around their pitchers who can support them offensively and in preventing runs behind them.

In fairness, while the Mets have deepened their roster with versatility, they haven’t really upgraded their defense, and it remains to be seen how these platoon formulas come together lineup-wise as well.

Cespedes could have checked a lot of the boxes which remain question marks for them.

6 responses to “Mets are out on Yoenis Cespedes”

  1. I would never give Cespedes a 5 year deal so I don’t blame the Mets for that. He’s clearly has pitch recognition issues which gets exposed when facing talented arms. Plus his make up is highly questionable. Mets should have went after 2nd tier OFers ( not 3rd tier De Aza) and should add strong RP. This would position them well for playoff run and can fill any gap that arises at deadline


  2. This is new news?
    Now we just have to start breathing again, knowing we will have to go with what we have and hope for the best. 52-50 in July doesn’t look too bad about now.


  3. I think it’s an absolute joke that the Mets offered Cespedes a 2-3 year deal. Now while I wouldn’t want to pay him 150 million, if he was available for 5-6 years at 20-22 per year I think that’s a must-sign type deal. We all know that he’s not as good as he was during August and not as bad as he was during the playoffs, but his career numbers are vastly better to what the Mets currently have as CF options. Furthermore, as Baron says, he checks off many boxes the Mets still have for the offseason. Finally, what Mets fans need to realize is that: who cares if he’s under contract for 5-6 years. The only thing that matters is the next 1-3 seasons while all of our starters are under team control and cheap. That’s our window to win and we need to go all in on the offense to support the pitching while we still have it. It’s honestly criminal that the Wilpon’s are blowing a golden opportunity like this. How the MLB let’s them keep the team is baffling considering they are doing the exact same thing McCourt did and the MLB made him sell. If there is any price for any FA that is “out of our range” then that’s a sign the Wilpon’s are unfit to own a team since a team in the NY market should be able to afford any player in the world on any deal, and it’s only a matter of whether or not they choose to sign him or not. The MLB disgraces themselves and their brand by letting those clowns stay in control of this team.


  4. I think hes worth being with the mets he carried them through the months of july august and september that how and course the rest of the team but when he first came into the team he hit 19 homeruns in just 3weeks time doesnt that mean anything give him 6years contract I would


  5. Six years is a long time. Especially at over $25 million per year. While I agree with what you say about the next 3years, do they want to be stuck with the following 3? You sound like you expect the team not to be a contender after the first 3. The trouble with these long term contracts with players in their 30’s is being left with the last 2 or 3 when their abilities fall off sharply. The tough part for management is finding a way to be in the mix every year( see St Louis as an example).


    1. I completely get what you’re saying and agree to some extent, but I also know the Wilpon’s which is why I say only the next 3 years are what we should be focusing on. If we win even 1 World Series in that span and Cespedes helps us do it, I would be able to live with an overpaid aging player for another few years. Looking at FA contracts for pitchers this year, they are making more than position players and for fewer years too. There is no chance the Mets will shell out to keep the majority of our rotation together when they will easily cost 1/2 a billion dollars. Therefore, focus on the now and do everything you can to win a title this year while you have this once in a lifetime rotation of young, basically free, insanely good pitchers. Especially if the long term downside is just money; the point of the team is to win titles, not hoard their money, which is why the Wilpon’s need to go. They don’t care about the performance of the team anywhere as much as they care about money.


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