Watch: Terry Collins discusses his infield, and Wilmer Flores’ versatility

4 thoughts on “Watch: Terry Collins discusses his infield, and Wilmer Flores’ versatility

  1. Whatever…as Terry Collins showed last year what a bad manager he is as he messed up the infield, outfield, batting order and relief pitching.

    Collins was only saved by a great starting pitching staff where he didn’t have to worry until the 5-7 innings AND A GREAT MONTH BY CESPEDES WHO CARRIED THE TEAM AND TIGHTENED UP THE METS BATTING ORDER, ESPECIALLY MURPHY…

    Why do you think Collins is the oldest manager in the game and made the playoffs for the first time ever. Also the Mets hired him at a big discount and a landholder. To bad Sandy has also done a bad job so he has to bless Collins.


  2. I totally agree with the comment about the mgr. He wasted Granderson’s excellent leadoff season by hitting Wright 2nd. Wright is a rally killer and a non clutch hitter ditto Duda.Thank God Cuddyer retired otherwise he would have been pinchitting him forever while we watch the dude walk back to the dugout after striking out after taking two strikes down the middle of the plate then swinging at a pitch way off the plate. Now we can put Walker behind Granderson, the rest of the lineup I will wait until all our pieces are in.


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