#BaronTrades: November 20, 2015


Each week throughout the offseason, JustMets.net’s Michael Baron and Rich MacLeod will answer #BaronTrades sent in by fans. These are free agency/trade proposals that can range from practical to savvy to extreme to say the least.

Rich MacLeodJesse Nadelman: Mets send Zack WheelerMatt Reynolds to the Rangers for Jurickson Profar.

I get the thinking here, as the Mets have a surplus of young, controllable starting pitchers, but I just don’t see a fit here. On the Mets side of things, the consensus seems to be that they’d prefer to hold onto Wheeler unless they can get something substantial in return and in regards to Profar, he hasn’t played a single major league game in over two years.

On the Rangers side of things, despite his last game coming on 9/27/13, I still don’t think they’d want to trade Profar–once the #1 overall prospect in baseball–when his value is at an all-time low.

Jason Petrop: Mets send Zack Wheeler, Lucas Duda and a young arm to the Braves for Freddie Freeman.

Well, first off, that’s not even close to enough for Atlanta to even consider trading Freddie Freeman to any team, let alone one in their own division.

The rumored asking price for Andrelton Simmons was one of Matt Harvey or Jacob deGrom, who is far less of a hitter than Freeman has been in his career. So sure, this would be a great move for the Mets, but it makes no sense for the Braves, who are publicly claiming that they’re not trading Freeman regardless.

Graham Shepherd: Mets send Zack Wheeler, Ahmed RosarioBrandon Nimmo and Gabriel Ynoa to the Dodgers for Corey Seager and Yasiel Puig.

I’m detecting a theme here–everyone wants to trade Zack Wheeler.

It’s amazing how a guy can go from untouchable to the most tradable player in the eyes of fans solely because they haven’t watched him play in a year.

Despite my unwillingness to just include Wheeler in every and any trade, this is yet another lopsided trade proposal–thus #BaronTrades.

It wouldn’t make much of any sense for the Dodgers to trade away their shortstop of the future–who’s already contributed at the major league level–and their most electric position player and swap them for Rosario–who while talented is still years away from playing short in the major leagues–Wheeler–who’s coming off Tommy John surgery–and minor league prospects Nimmo and Ynoa.

Ron Lesser: Mets send Matt Harvey, Juan Lagares to the Angels for Mike Trout.

At this point, any trade proposal including Mike Trout is just a waste of time.

Jordan: Mets send Zack Wheeler, Dominic Smith to the Braves for Freddie Freeman. Mets send Lucas Duda, Logan Verrett, Gabriel Ynoa to the Rangers for Jurickson Profar. Mets sign Ben Zobrist to 4-year, $44M contract. Mets sign Darren O’Day to 3-year, $29M contract. Mets re-sign Kelly Johnson or Juan Uribe.


Dare to dream, folks, but this one is nothing but. Not only are the two trade proposals completely lopsided in favor of the Mets here, but the Amazin’s would also be taking on over $200M in salary total and $30M in 2016, and that’s not including any potential Johnson/Uribe contract or arbitration for players currently on their roster.

I like the creativity, as it addresses all of the Mets needs, but this is an idea so grand I don’t think you could even pull it off in a video game.

Tyler FischerMets send Matt Harvey to the Red Sox for Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts.

A straight-up trade between the Mets and Red Sox including Harvey and one of Bogaerts or Betts actually makes a lot of sense for both sides.

While I’m not in favor of shipping out Harvey as many fans seem to be after the innings limit controversy–which I’d say he put to rest in the postseason–I get the idea here. The Mets are stocked with young pitchers in their starting rotation and have Zack Wheeler on his way back from Tommy John.

The prospect of trading one of those arms–in this case Harvey–for an young, every-day and potential franchise player in Bogaerts or Betts has a lot of upside.

For Boston, it makes sense as well. This is a team that has an offense capable of making a deep playoff run, but their pitching was woeful in 2015, as their best starter was arguably veteran Rich Hill in a handful of late-season starts. The Red Sox have enough depth at the major and minor league levels to be able to part with Betts or Bogaerts in order to acquire that allusive ace they’ve been searching for over since trading away Jon Lester in 2014.

This trade makes sense, but only if Boston is parting with one of those players–not both.

Lucas: Mets acquire Bryce Harper, Julio Urias, Lucas Giolito. Nationals acquire Yasiel Puig, Corey Seager, Chris Hatcher, Matt Harvey, Lucas Duda. Dodgers acquire Curtis Granderson, Zack Wheeler, Rafael Montero, Trea Turner, Danny Espinosa, Wilson Ramos, Michael A. Taylor.

I… Uh…

You know what, this seems like a good place to finish.

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